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T430 freezes and hangs

2012-09-01, 17:12 PM

Hi there!


First of all: please excuse my english! I'll do my best that you understand my problem, but my text surely won't be a masterpiece of literature;)


Since 2 weeks i have a new Thinkpad T430 (2349-h2g),



Chipsetz   - Intel QM77 Express
Processor   - Intel Core i7-3520M
Graphics   - NVIDIA Quadro NVS 5400M 1 GB GDDR3 / Intel HD4000 

/Nvidia Optimus

Speichergrösse   - 2x 8 GB
Taktfrequenz   - 1600 MHz
Latenzzeiten   - 10-10-10-27

Samsung 830 256GB


I upgraded the SSD an the RAM by myself (even before I started up the device the first time) on an ESD-compliant Workstation and the RAM is compatible.


Now I have the problem that the computer very often freeces or shuts down without any warning. Sometimes, the Monitor looks like on the attached image, but not every time.

This happens maybe 3 to 6 times a day, what, of course, is horrible!


What I did until yet to find out what the problem could be:


-Tested the RAM with memtest86+ during 12 hours (8 passes). The test couldnt find any failures

-tested the RAM with the official Lenovo Boot-program (from a USB-Stick) -> no failures

-tested the Harddisk with the mentioned Lenovo-USB-Stick -> no failures

-tried different Energy Saving plans

-turned of different Devices (such as WWAN or WiFi) in the BIOS

-reinstalled all drivers

-turned of Optimus

-made a 100% Load on CPU and Graphics (with prime95 and FurMark)

-updated the BIOS


my main problem is, that I cant reproduce the failure. I didn't find out anything with that I could say: when I do this or that, THEN the computer freezes or hangs, to me, it occurs totaly randomly!


Then, I find out one Thing: I looked up in the Event-Manager and found the following:

Everytime the computer had the problems mentioned above, this constellation of messages were in the Event-Logger


Informationen  01.09.2012 14:04:11  Kernel-Power  89  (86)
Kritisch  01.09.2012 14:04:10  Kernel-Power  41  (63)
Informationen  01.09.2012 14:04:09  Kernel-WHEA  5  Keine

Do they mean anything to you? Google didn't know much about this!



So, I hope you can help me. I were very sad if I would have to give the ThinkPad to the Lenovo repair, because I need the device really!


Thank you, and sorry for my english;)




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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2012-09-03, 16:35 PM

What happens when you use the HDD and RAM that shipped with the machine?


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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2012-09-04, 0:03 AM


What happens when you use the HDD and RAM that shipped with the machine?

Thats an old memory tester. Use the one with Windows 7, but as the great god Thor has said. Put the original memory back in and see how it is.


You should always vaildate a system as it comes before making hardware modifications. Warranty requires OEM parts to test with most OEM's. There is memory diagnostic in the Lenovo Tool kit as well which will run under windows. Starting from a known baseline is how it needs to be handled.

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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2013-05-18, 6:55 AM

I have a new T430 and it hangs often.

Unfortunately, I struggled beyound the 21 days.


I can not look at a video (1 hr long) without crashes -  videos mean I am not clicking on anything - 

so crashes is not due to random interruptions of extraneous events (something sucks)

The reason for buying a lenovo product were 

1) I used it at my previous place of employment.

2) I love Lenovo tech support.

3) I have read reports of how rugged Lenovo were.


Lenovo said they will contact me in two days - 

and they haven't yet - 


I will recommend that no one buys another Lenbovo.  

I am now retired - and I wanted to do more technical contributions - 

which requires windows.

Right now, I am thinking that I should just retire and 

make no technical contributions and buy an Apple.


Guys, I feel for you - God bless you and may he be with you.



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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2013-05-18, 8:29 AM
What kind of crash? Blue screen? Is there an error code? Anything else? Is this happen on battery only or when the laptop is powered from the main? What is the configuration of your T430? Did you do any upgrade recently - like upgrading the RAM?
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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2013-05-18, 22:30 PM

When I was employed, we had a hard drive.  I could see the error messages and 

where the dump files were.

Now I have an SSD, I can not see where the dump files are.

The dumping is too fast.


As I recall, I needed to retrieve the dump files immediately or Windows distroyed them.

I used to open the dump files and copy them into another file.


Anyway, I was just venting my frustration with the crashes.

If Lenovo does not fix my machine, I will continue to vent - 

They will lose a lot of future business.

My machine is only a few months old -

I should hear from them on Monday.


My machine has not crashed in over 4 hours!   :  )


Best of luck to you all.  



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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2015-02-26, 22:21 PM

I also have a ThinkPad T430 type 2349-6C2 and it usually freezes (no BSD, no dump) randomly every few days.

There's nothing i can do but press the power button and reboot.

Already did all the hardware and software tests, tried different BIOS settings, all updated, nothing wrong found.

Already had a motherboard replaced, but problem persists.

I monitor the temps and they're good, so that's also out.


The machine's been upgraded from 8 to 16GB of RAM, but the problem already existed with the original specs.


It happens more often when i'm playing some multimedia (music, video) in the fore/background or when it's coming out of standby. Also, i tend to hybernate for days instead of shutting down the machine, but that should have nothing to do with it.


Luckily i have 3 year on site warranty, but honestly, i don't know what else to do... keep replacing motherboards?


LENOVO, WT# have you done with this amazing product???


Any definite solution for this issue in the T430's? PLEASE?!


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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2015-02-27, 11:17 AM

Hi Christianpires,


Welcome to Lenovo Community!


I’m really sorry to hear that your Lenovo ThinkPad T430 is randomly freezing.


Ensure that air vents are not blocked and there is a proper air flow. Also, check the speeds at which the fan is spinning.

  1. Remove all external devices and restore factory default hardware configurations by uninstalling all non-bundled devices.
  2. Power on the machine with AC adapter and battery then check whether the problem still exists.
  3. Go to BIOS by tapping F1 while Lenovo logo appears. Choose Config -> Power and ensure the below settings are as recommended.

Intel(R) SpeedStep technology [Enabled]

Mode for AC [Maximum Performance]

Mode for Battery [Maximum Performance]

Scheme for AC [Maximum Performance]

Scheme for Battery [Maximum Performance]

Then press F9 [Save and Exit].

  1. Ensure Power Manager is configured correctly. Open Power Manager, Click Switch to: "Basic", Click "Power Plan" tab, Select "Maximum Performance", Press Apply then click Ok.
  2. Bootup and press F8 to enter Safe Mode to check if the bootup speed is normal.
  3. Input "msconfig" and click the tab "Startup" to disable all. Reboot and then shut down. If problem resolved, narrow down to specific startup file.
  4. Run a complete virus scan.
  5. Run Lenovo system update and Windows update.

Also, check in event viewer to see what exactly is causing the freeze.


Hope this helps! Post back if issue persists.


Best regards,

Hemanth Kumar

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Re: T430 freezes and hangs

2016-09-05, 18:10 PM

Hi, i have a T430 and its facing the same problem.


Formated the notebook 3 times with different versions of windows, tested memory and hdd, no errors.


Apps freeze and gives errors. Already tried a few changes on bios to see if it is fixed but nothing worked so far.


any help to fix this issue?



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