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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-06-21, 7:09 AM

I'm using ThrottleStop and ASUS GPU Tweak II along with 1.53 BIOS.

It runs great. I can play Cities Skyline for 6 hour without any heavyly throttling.

Here is my settings:

ThrottleStop: 2.2GHz on Single,Dual,Quad core turbo with some light undervolting (-40mv)

ASUS GPU Tweak II: set a linear curve at 1.5GHz (so it will run at 1.5GHz 0.9v) and raise the temperature limit to 72 deg c (but it runs at 1.1 - 1.2GHz when it reach the temp)

and my temperature is around mid 70 on both CPU and GPU


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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-06-22, 7:25 AM

Here are my afterburner settings. It took some effort to enable this, initially afterburner wouldn't let me undervolt, there are tutorials how to enable that. I decreased memory clock by 400Mhz, and max GPU frequency to 1500Mhz @0.9V. This might not be optimal, but I don't game that much, so I didn't spend a lot of time tweaking this. I'm running on BIOS 1.66. See ThrottleStop settings bellow as well. I am by no means an expert, just values that seem to work for me by following tutorials. Screenshots don't show it but on the FIVR tab I have also: CPU Cache -85mV, System Agent -30mV, and intel GPU is unchanged.





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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-06-22, 13:21 PM

Hello, friends! Firmware 1.66. I Use throttlestop and asus gpu tweak 2, just like everyone else. In some cases (for example, if I run prime95 on a single thread and furmark (my version 1.9.2), the PL1 value starts to decrease after a while from 25w down to 5w, with the cooling system coping with the load, t about 76C on the gpu and about 88C on the cpu core. This causes the cpu frequency to decrease. In this case, it's not exactly about overheating, because downvolting is done and the correct values are set for the maximum frequency limits. Tell me, who knows how to fix the value of PL1? These settings do not affect either throttlestop or intel xtu. And, as far as I remember, in early versions of firmware, this value was fixed rigidly and did not change. Also, can someone tell you how to set the minimum allowed cpu frequency? When cpu frequencies start to decrease due to floating PL1, at low frequencies (at my downvolting values), the computer freezes. It's hard to


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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-07-07, 12:08 PM

With the new BIOS-Version (1.67) released on the 30th of June 2020,  one might have expected a specific address of the known issues. However, the changelog appears to be rather general without having anything "to say" about the ubiquitous issue of CPU-throttling:


[New functions or enhancements] 

  • Support Lid Sensor Enable/Disable in ThinkPad Setup - Config - Power.
  • Updated the CPU microcode.   (Note) Above update will show "Self-Healing BIOS  backup progressing ... xx %" massage on screen during BIOS update process.
  • Updated the Arrow key behavior in ThinkPad Setup with Graphical Setup UI.


[Problem fixes]

  • Fixed an issue where Intel TXT Feature cannot be Enabled in ThinkPad Setup when Device Guard is Enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where system might hang at POST when attach USB C to DisplayPort   Adapter cable.
  • Fixed an issue where Accelerometer initialization might fail.


[Version 1.67 Impliactions for my T490 (as of now)]

  • Increased CPU- and system-temperatures during the utilization of Office-, Web-, Programming-Applications - 55-75°C, with small peaks of 95°C (PL1)
  • Insufficent Fan-cooling - it appears that there are only two modes "on" with around 3,500-4300 RPMs and "off" - even with temperatures above 65°C - with zero RPMs
  • High battery and mainboard temperatures with 57°C (max) and 60°C for the latter
  • Locked-out, blocked or non-detection of the internal battery after using the systems for less than 3 hours (Office-Applications)




From the technical evaluation of the current situation to the general behaviour of the Lenovo Support: Still no help! Having paid more than 300€ for the additional support, which can be seen as mandatory in the current situation, I am more than underwhelmed by the advice provided, the logic of data requested and the general stance towards me as a customer. The improvements needed in terms of customer relations are critical.


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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-07-31, 8:27 AM

Just as a sidenote: This webcam/video call problem also appears on a T14s (Intel) without a dedicated GPU. It sometimes just renders the system unusable (< 0.5 ghz). 

So do not plan on upgrading to solve the problem. I would not recommend buying a T14 or T14s right now.


See this thread for details.


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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-08-11, 9:02 AM

I have exactly the same issue on T590.


On the image you may see my computer during the startup, and after I disable and lock power limits with Throttle Stop. What a shame Lenovo, that you can not address this issue. I pay almost 2k euros for the laptop. I  wish there would be a way to charge you for all the time I lost! 






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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-08-12, 8:09 AM

For everyone having issues, just downgrade the bios to 1.53 and use throttle stop. Never look at newer BIOSes.
9 months old guide, but still fully functional:


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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-08-12, 16:02 PM

This is still ongoing and the worst. I wish I could install throttlestop and Asus GPU Tweak on all 190 computers we have in our organization. The worst about this is that it isn't just the T490/T480 with MX150/250, it's the base i5 T480 as well. It spans across to the new P43s model as well. Zoom conference calls, Teams conference calls and Lifesize conference calls all trigger the throttling. Even when working with Bluebeam Revu (PDF viewer) or Autodesk Revit, the machine crawls. 


My issued P43s with the P520 GPU throttles so quickly. It's basically a desktop and is docked all the time, and the amount of time for it to throttle is unacceptable-- 4 mins. Our fleet of P43s are more at risk than our T480's (since ours don't have the MX150/MS250). 


The weirdest thing for us is that this turned into an issue in the past 4 months, whereas prior to that, there weren't any issues being reported or being experienced by myself personally with my P43s. Throttlestop does help my P43s, but there's no way I can convince the IT manager to deploy throttlestop and under-volt the CPU's out there. 


@Andy_Lenovo @Serene_Lenovo  Help us all out!! plz!!!!



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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-10-06, 10:58 AM

Dear Lenovo Support,


PLEASE, do something with throttling problem (or another reason of this stupid behavior of laptop)!!!


It is impossible to work on laptop which hangs for several minutes under absolute ordinary load (chrome, thunderbird, skype, excel, visio...)


T490 20N2000NRT

BIOS : N2IET90W 1.68




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Re:T490 MX250 Throttling Problem

2020-10-06, 14:53 PM

I think you got some other issue going on with your T490. I run those same apps on a P43s and have never experienced any issues. Install all updates including Intel updates except for the video drivers. I install MSFT and Lenovo updates.

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