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T490 not connecting to PXE server after first connection.

2020-06-29, 18:41 PM

I am a technician for a university and we have recently received a batch of T490 Thinkpads that we are attempting to image for staff and faculty with our standard image.

Currently we are still using Ghost 11.5 on a stand-alone server (Server to switch, switch to computers via CAT5e) and while we are in the process of upgrading to a new system, that is our current system for imaging.

We are able to both make new images as well as push images to computers with that same Ghost server without issue (both before and after this issue with the T490's). We just can't get the T490 laptops to reconnect to the server a second time after they've already connected to it once.



I took the T490 out of the box and configured the BIOS to connect to the PXE server - disabled Secure Boot and the Kernal DMA Protection to allow for Legacy booting to our Ghost server. Boot was set to "Both" with "Legacy First" selected.

There are no issues with getting the T490s to connect to Ghost on that initial connection. I was able to push our image out onto the T490, and I was able to grab an initial image off of a T490 onto the Ghost server.


But that only works the first time you connect the T490 to the Ghost server through PXE boot. After you've connected once it will never connect again.

This occurs both on the laptop I grabbed the OOB image from as well as the one that got our standard image and was updated (drivers and BIOS updates, etc) - neither reconnects to Ghost after that first connection.


On subsequent attempts to connect the terminal screen gets stuck at  "Transferring image file.." and the cursor sits on the second line blinking very quickly. When I hit Esc it showed the error "TFTP failed opening file:" with no file listed.

My issue is that on that initial boot into PXE it had absolutely no issue connecting to Ghost but as soon as it was rebooted it could never connect again (even when it never boot to Windows). You can see the "Transferring image file" at the top of the terminal screen (DOS?) when it is booting to PXE that first time but it doesn't run into any issues until that second time you try to connect. This has occurred on 3 laptops thus far.


This is after the screen where you select to boot to HD or to PXE - select PXE and the first time it goes to Ghost but any attempt after that will fail to connect.

If I leave it alone long enough it will go back to the prompt to boot to HD or to PXE - selecting PXE will get hung up on that TFTP failure again.


If it worked the first time, why wouldn't it work the 2nd+ time?


Is there a flag that gets triggered that I can reset? (like chassis intrusion)

SCCM is not installed on the server nor on the laptop I am imaging.

our T480 laptops have no issues reconnecting to the same Ghost server.

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