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T495 vs. T495s? Also:T495s fan noise/whine?

2019-12-28, 1:39 AM

Hello all!


Looking to replace my very old T510 and augment my less-old employer-provided T470s with a new personal laptop for myself.  I'm intrigued by the T495/T495s.      


I am leaning toward the T495s because of these factors:

- a little thinner, and lighter

- battery capacity is about 14% higher, which should equal a bit longer runtime away from the charger

- the configurations I've been playing with are available without needing to get the WWAN mobile card option -- the equivalent T495 seems to force me to include it, at an extra cost), making it a bit cheaper, too


On the other hand, the main drawback I can see is that allegedly the s model uses a different fan, which has a high-pitched whine.  I have seen this in the notebookcheck review (https://www.notebookcheck.net/Lenovo-ThinkPad-T495s-Review-The-AMD-business-laptop-is-good-but-the-fan-is-annoying.435254.0.html), as well as this Developer's review (https://vomtom.at/thinkpad-t495s-developer-review/) (PS I'm a developer as well, so I was excited to find such a review).  


Finding reviews on YouTube has been nearly impossible for either model, sadly.


The main advantages of the non-s T495 over the s seem to be:

- can get dual-channel memory config, with only half soldered and the other half accessible

- can't find any complaints of the fan noise


Has anyone noticed annoying/high-pitched fan noise with either model?  My old T510 has an awful high-picth noise which has always bothered me--really the only thing about it I disliked even back in 2010 when it was brand-new and my pride-and-joy.  I don't think I want a repeat of that (or similar).


For anyone with either model that also debated between the two: which one did you pick and why?  

Thanks in advance!


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Re:T495 vs. T495s? Also:T495s fan noise/whine?

2021-02-28, 18:20 PM

t495s. When I do Corel VideoStudio rendering, the fan definitely works. But that's it - it is pretty regular fan noise to me. 

When I do text and similar things, or youtube videos, the fan is quiet.

I work in quite quiet environment, hear clock ticking, etc.


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Re:T495 vs. T495s? Also:T495s fan noise/whine?

2021-03-02, 18:54 PM

I have a 495s. Haven´t noticed any high-pitched fan sound, but I haven´t used the computer under heavy loads. About other things, bear in mind that:

  1. 1 or 2 GB of memory will be assigned permanently to the graphics system, unusable for general purposes. There is a UEFI setting to configure it to 1 or 2 GB (this option became available several months ago, after a very cumbersome UEFI update).
  2. The Ethernet port is not standard, requires a special adapter. If this adapter is not included in the configuration, it can be difficult or impossible to buy. The solution is to use a USB hub with a standard RJ45 port.
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