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T510: Creating Windows repair disk and Lenovo Recovery Disks

2010-10-23, 19:32 PM

I just spent the better part of a whole day trying to create backups for my newly acquired Lenovo laptop.  I am sure there must be instructions somewhere but I could not find them.


For the Lenovo Recovery Disk set, you find it under System and Security....


What I discovered by trial and error was that when prompted to insert a clean disk, it means a factory-fresh, never-written-to disk.  Use an unFormatted disk.  When a fresh disk is inserted, a dialog box appears with two choices. Nothing says it must be configured as "Mastered", but that is what is needed.  DO NOT choose "Live File System".  Since the Live File System choice presents first, not knowing any better, I selected that.  Bad choice... kept getting demand to erase the disk, but there are no options to choose "erase".  If you push it, it will just report back error code rc=31.


After having ruined several DVDs, I figured out I needed to choose "Mastered" and everything went smoothly from there on out.  I would advise that you use a CD for the first disk of the recovery set, though, as the small file created wastes a DVD.  Use DVDs for the remaining disks.  In my case, I ended up with a 3 disk set.  Once done, you can't go back and create another boot disk using a CD, because only one set is allowed, so my set is 3 DVDs, the first one only holding 244Mb of data.  Disk one is the "boot" disk, but the program does not prompt you for labels... so I just numbered mine in numerical sequence with a felt tip pen.


Be forewarned:  there are times when the program seems to have locked up because the progress bar is 100%.  Just wait... it will eventually go on to the next step.


The sequence is like this:

"Preparing to record....


Creating... (takes a long time)

Finishing disk....  (progress bar will look like it sticks at about 95%, but just wait)

Verifying... (wait, even though it reports 100%)

Finishing disk (again)


Finally, it will eject the disk and report "The boot medium is successfully created".... choose OK


Then a box will appear that says:  "The program is going to create recovery data media.  Do you want to continue?  Yes/No"

After you choose Yes, the next prompt appears: "Insert a blank or erasable dvd disc 1".... OK


Then the same sequence as above.... and that disk is ejected and the prompt to insert another blank or erasable disk 2...


At the end, you will get the message "The recovery medium has been created successfully."


Creating a Windows repair disk is similar, but only one DVD was needed.

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