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The ThinkPad 25 Keyboard!!!

2018-01-25, 10:09 AM

Hello! I, assuming, like all of you, LOVE the redesigned keyboard on the ThinkPad 25. I've owned a bunch of old ThinkPads over the years, i.e. a T420, X220 and the X220t (huge fan of the 12.5" screens as well) and a few others. Right now I use a P50 running ubuntu...my question is, does anyone know if there are any plans to integrate the new/old school keyboard into other models and, secondly any with the 12.5" screen size? This geek, would be in heaven, if the answer to either of those questions is "yes".  Sadly, I missed the boat on the ThinkPad 25, I just saved enough scratch, only to find they are all gone...insert the sad trombones here. 



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Re: The ThinkPad 25 Keyboard!!!

2018-01-26, 9:12 AM

Right now there are no such plans, as far as we know. However, since Thinkpad 25 proved that Lenovo has the ability and, under certain circumstances, will, to produce such a keyboard, I say there is a chance to convince the right people at Lenovo to go that way (making more models with the 7-row keyboard). The chance is certainly higher than it was before the Thinkpad 25. Difficult as it may seem to affect Lenovo, every voice counts.


So, write here (which is what you did), call them up and ask when they plan to make more Thinkpad 25 units available in the US (they are still available in Singapore and a few other locales), and make sure that every Lenovo person you talk to understands that you want that keyboard.


The problem with fans of the 7-row keyboard is that they are not united, and do not speak in one voice, that can come to Lenovo management and say - I'll buy 10,000 Thinkpads for my company if you have the keyboard I want. However, put together, I'm sure that people who specifically want a 7-row keyboard can account for way more than 10,000 sales. There is an opportunity here for Lenovo; it's a matter of getting them to understand that.

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