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Thinking of purchasing a T400, or should I wait ?

2008-10-30, 21:10 PM

I've read of some problems on notebookreview.com, as well as by using a roommate's T400 to confirm. The problems referenced on the site, do appear to be true. There is a fair amount of wiggle for the 6 cell battery, and there is keyboard flex on one side that is is rather pronounced (I'm not exactly trying to impale the laptop with my finger here either.) Upperclassmen graduate students at my school, UMDNJ, all use a T60 in clinic. This old model is structurally rock solid. The T400 just doesn't compare in this category, and it's important because we're carrying these buggers around all day between lecture and lab, every day.


Just two questions. Are these concerns even viewed as problems ? If so, will these problems be remedied, or should I wait for the next release of the T series to consider making a purchase ?


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Re: Thinking of purchasing a T400, or should I wait ?

2008-10-30, 22:06 PM


I have a T 400 and it seems reliable for every day work. The keyboard works well. The battery shape is a little bit annoying however, the battery lasts for 3.5 hr which is remarkable in comparison with other laptops that I had ( Sony and Dell). I think according to its price it is a good candidate.


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Re: Thinking of purchasing a T400, or should I wait ?

2008-10-30, 22:26 PM

The answer is no.  Very fast, excellent keyboard... 4GB's of memory.  Order was fast, price was great.


I see no reason to wait.  I needed 4GB's of ram, as apps are getting larger, and I started to access the disk more for virtual memory.  I hadn't realized IBM kept up their product style with the Lenovo "solution".  And the price is 1/2 what I was used to in a US built product.  After researching my usual solutons, which would have been Sony... I saw a number of Editor's choice recommendations... so after realizing the prices were more than competitve, I got mine 10 days after ordering.  They upgraded the shipping, without charging, so I got it well ahead of their projected delivery. 


You know, I had a similar experience with my Ridgeline.  Lots of minor complaints, but after realizing a good chunk of them were probably trolls (after all, it is a Honda), I went ahead.  And soon learned why it is ranked number one in its class on Consumer reports.  Same thing with this computer.  It is flawless, as near as I can tell, screamingly fast. 


So I wonder about many of the posts one reads... moderators have no way to tell who's telling real tales, and who's oppositional arm-twisting. 


Lastly, since IBM still has a hand in these machines, using them internally... they apparently intend to keep up the product reputation.  Not having used a thinkpad since I retired in 2002, I can say this product is great!


Good luck... the toughest part for me was choosing the options.  Since you need 64bit to go above 3GB, how am I going to like Vista (business) 64bit (its great), which screen (I ended up with the high end... excellent, and very bright outdoors)... stuff like that.  Oh, and the 9cell, does it really get 9+ hours, well... the way I use it, its more like 7.  Still excellent.  Can I work on it, if necessary, like the old Thinkpads... absolutely.  It was made for easy access to the guts... one screw to replace the harddrive for instance.  I like to image my drives for easy secure backup.  Much easier than my Sony.  And its actually quieter than my Sony... can't here it make ANY noise.  As to the keyboard... if I made any typos, its because I can touch type faster than any other keyboard I've ever used.


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Re: Thinking of purchasing a T400, or should I wait ?

2008-11-08, 17:56 PM

Ive had mine for a month now, I just finished installing Vista Ultimate 64 bit on it (was XP when I boutght it), and man, I really unleashed this thing!.  Not to mention the 8GB ram upgrade I instaled as well...


Its my second laptop, my first was a Thinkpad as well, and I must say, Im very impressed with how they maintained their quality.  Flexing on the Keyboard? - yeah, its a little less stronger than the T40's was, but It was done to save weight.  They put the strenght in the laptop where it counts, behind the monitor, and around the Motherboard.


I would have to say get it!...Hope this helps...

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