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2.5" SSD does not fit into HDD holder for the laptop (T410)


When trying to fit a 2.5" SSD to replace the HDD, it does not fit properly into the HDD holder.


2011-07-28 11.31.03.jpg



As a workaround, use muskin tape to tape the SSD and make a "holder" to pull the SSD out from the bay.


Do remove the laptop battery before removing/putting in the HDD/SSD


2011-07-28 11.34.37.jpg


2011-07-28 11.34.52.jpg



Once that is done, ensure that the "holder" is able to grip the SSD so you may able to use it to pull the SSD out.


Put the "bumpers" back on the SSD and slide the SSD in slowly into the HDD slot with the SSD facing downards (assuming your laptop is facing down as well).


Put the cover and screw back and boot up Press F1 to boot into BIOS and check if the SSD is recognize by the machine.



Please note the following.


There have been discussion on the forum on the following for some of the issues compatibility of 3rd party SSD with ThinkPads.


- Warm boot without USER/MASTER password takes much too long with lot of drive activty

- Warm boot with USER/MASTER password halts due to unreadable POP/USER password

- setting USER/MASTER passwords results in inaccessible drive

- setting USER passwords results in inaccessible drive



We have reviewed several cases of unexpected quirks when using generic OEM SSD devices. While OEM drives with standard interfaces may work on Lenovo products, Lenovo has established, tested, and is prepared to fully support a number of Lenovo offered SSD drives. While I would encourage us to continue to discuss experiences here and share any solutions developed in the community or that may become available from engineering in the future, we are not able to formally escalate complications with 3rd party drives as they are not officially supported.














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