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2100: Detection Error on HHDOcan

Hello all.


I've got a user who's T430s just goes to the ThinkPad logo and then after several seconds moves on but never gets to loading Windows. We just get 2100: Detection Error on HHDO. I had another T430s so I swapped drives. Now the T430s that wasn't booting boots fine. So I assumed the hard drive was going but the odd thing is that the 2nd T430s which now has the "problem drive" in it doesn't give me the 2100 error. The catch is the drive is encrypted with BitLocker and no combo of passwords or finger swipes will let us proceed. So my dilemna is I can't tell if this drive is bad because I can't see it. I ran Lenovo Bootable Diagnostics and they said they couldn't scan because it was encrypted. I put the drive in an external dock and connected it to a Windows 10 system and the drive doesn't show up under the Bitlocker to Go section. Is there any way to tell if this drive is completely done? It would be great to get data off of it but I can't seem to find a way. Everything I find seems to require a drive letter and this drive has none. Even booted into a live Ubuntu with the drive in the laptop and it wouldn't see it.


Thanks all.


Bit Torrent
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Re: 2100: Detection Error on HHDOcan

A lot of people have had this issue with perfectly good drives, and some have said they resolved it by going into setup, and then saving settings upon exit.   Others have said that by pressing F12, entering the boot menu and selecting the HD will let it boot as well.    Another said that by changing from SATA to Compatibility in the BIOS, restarting and then setting SATA back to AHCI will force a reset of the drive so it will boot too.


Not sure if any will work for you, but you might put the drive back in the original system and give it a try (if you have not already anyway).


I did see also where Amy_Lenovo posted in the same thread that a fix was found for the X250 ThinkPads, but that it required the system be sent into Lenovo.

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