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2101 detection on HDD2 (mini sata) error on my T430

I got this error out of the blue the other day on startup, and now I get it every time I restart.  I have tried a number of solutions that I found in these forums (which I'll outline below) but it seems like my system just can't find the drive anymore. 


Here's what I've done:


1. ran the ExpressCache program via Command Prompt (eccmd.exe -info) and got this error:  "**ERROR** ECCmd Request device is not available"

2. unistalled the ExpressCache software, shut down, pulled the battery opened up the memory module slot cover, removed the mSATA drive and then re mounted it.

3.  reinstalled ExpressCache

4.  I'm trying to reformat the drive, but I am receiving similar errors

     a.  When I try to format the drive (eccmd.exe -format) I get the following error:  HFS Volume is not mounted  **ERROR**  ECCmd Requested device is not available

     b.  When I try to create a partition (eccmd.exe -partition) I get the following error:  0x10df (4319).  I looked this up and maybe there are system files missing?


I have also tried this but it then says "There is NO mSATA detected, please check mSATA attached"


If anyone has any advice, please let me know.

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Re: 2101 detection on HDD2 (mini sata) error on my T430

Hello and welcome,


None of the symptoms you describe sound to me like software issues. There is something wrong with the mSATA SSD, or the controller that accesses it - or it needs to be re-inserted in its socket.


Is this machine under warranty?  I'd suggest calling support and running this by them.  They may suggest re-seating the device in its socket, or may offer replacement or some other option.  I don't speak for Lenovo, just offering my personal suggestion.



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Re: 2101 detection on HDD2 (mini sata) error on my T430

The Error 2101: Detection error on HDDx miniSata is a BIOS error. This has nothing to do with the operating system you have installed or any drivers. During the POST, the system does not see the miniSata drive.


I (like some others) received my new T530 recently, setup it all up and then a few hours later received this error.


The solution is simple. You must open up your ThinkPad. Remove the two keyboard screws and remove the keyboard and RE-SEAT the miniSata drive. There is 1 screw holding the board down. Remove it, re-insert it in. Screw everything back up and voila, no more issue. Go to the Lenovo / ThinkPad Guides and Manuals page for your device ( and download the Hardware Maintenance Manual for your ThinkPad. There are clear instructions (for those less inclined) on how to remove the keyboard. You do NOT need to disconnect the ribbon cable. Simple / carefully slide the keyboard forward and the miniSata drive will be visible and accessible.


You can also use the ExpressCache program to get stats on the miniSata drive and see how it is working. Open a Command Prompt (in Administrator Mode) and issue the command:


eccmd -info   -   Display ExpressCache activity informatio


eccmd -?   -  Will show you all options


eccmd -format   - Will reformat and clear the cache drive.


Hopefully, this will help out those out there with this issue. Just remember, if the BIOS doesn't see the device, it is not a driver problem !

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Re: 2101 detection on HDD2 (mini sata) error on my T430

Hi ehlers77,


I found this document on the ExpressCache software.

See if this helps and get back to us.


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