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Paper Tape
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230W charger no faster than 135W?!?



My t460p came with the 48W battery and the 135W charger. I bought the 72W battery and decided to buy the 230W charger (which is listed by Lenovo as compatible) to speed up the charging of the larger battery.


Well, it seems that there is no difference in charging time between the 135W and the 230W charger, as far as I can tell...


Anyone knows what gives? Is there a setting somewhere I need to adjust or did Lenovo limit the current the battery could receive?



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Re: 230W charger no faster than 135W?!?

Welcome to the forum.


The charging circuitry in the ThinkPad regulates how much current to draw from the AC charger. Most likely the 135W charger delivers the maximum current that even the 72W battery demands. IMO this is a good thing because the charging a battery too quickly can cause it to heat internally and shorten its life. The 230W charger is listed as compatible because it is, but that makes no claim as to whether it will charge either battery any faster.

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Re: 230W charger no faster than 135W?!?

Both chargers are 20V.  Your machine came with a charger that can deliver a maximum of 6.75 amps (20V X 6.75 A = 135Watts)  That is sufficient to run your machine at full speed with any configuration. The machine will draw as much as it needs.  (probably less than 135w)  The 230w charger can deliver 10.5 amps, but the charging circuitry won't be able to draw that much.  


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Paper Tape
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Re: 230W charger no faster than 135W?!?

Well, that's rather disappointing...

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