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Punch Card
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320hdd 7200 or 128 ssd, any suggestions?

looking to upgrade hdd on t400,  is the 7200 noticibly louder than the 5400?  Is it worth it do buy the ssd now or should I wait for a price drop?
Punch Card
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Re: 320hdd 7200 or 128 ssd, any suggestions?

When I purchased my T500 a few months ago it was not offered with a 7200rpm 320gb, so I ordered it with the cheapest drive and bought a Western Digital drive, and installed it myself.  It is very quiet, with only very quiet sounds when actively working, like when defragging.


It was a huge speed boost, as well.


I know SSDs are getting a lot of attention now, but I feel that the quality SSD drives are still too much money for the benefit gained.


Don Mannino

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