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Paper Tape
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4GB Memory not detected

I use T400, model 2765-RY9. windows Vista 32 bit. The default RAM is 2GB but I add another 2GB. From My computer-Properties I can see RAM 4GB under memory section


However if I see form Task Manager-Performance tab, it is only 2519 (Physical memory).


If i run dxdiag it also shows 2520MB under system tab. Under Display tab for ATI Radeon 3400, the approx physical memory is 1255 MB (I understand that the ATI is shipped with 256MB only)


I wonder why my task manager and dxdiag only shows 2519. where is the other 1.5 GB? If it is taken by ATI, how to reduce memory for ATI and give it to the system




lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: 4GB Memory not detected

the other part of ram is hogged by the ati graphics card, i am not sure whether you can reduce it, it automatically allocates it. Hopefully in the future BIOS or Driver release, the GPU would allocate the ram when it is in use. 


Jin Li

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: 4GB Memory not detected

Any Windows 32bit supports ram up to 3GB no matter how much rams your system has.


for you, i think you are using intergrated graphic but not disgrated graphic card.


in summary, 


3GB MEMORY - Shared memory by graphic card  = 2.5 gb


now you may understand this.


if you want to use all of the rams, install windows vista or 7 x64 version. Good Luck

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