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Adding a SSD in a T520

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Hi guys
I have a T520 that I bought in December last year.

I was wondering if there is a way to add an SSD(just to boot windows off of) and yet, not having to give up my current 500gb drive. Is there some sort of extra slot or can I replace the dvd drive with an ssd?

Thank you  

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Re: Adding a SSD in a T520

There is a Internal slot under the keyboard that can hold a SSD  search on "m-sata"


Adding a solid state boot disk does help with boot time and can make the laptop more responsive, but you need to look

aft it more.  Also moving the programs and users to the D: disk is a little tricky. There is some documentation on how to do it. Check these sites:


There is also information on how to move users "Post Install"


I found these tools are very useful to keep your SSD boot drive healthy, if you don't want to spend the time to learn how to do the tweaks manually:


SDD Tweaker


PerfectDisk 12.5


PerfectDisk is great disk de-fragmenter that is "SSD Aware". Normally SSD disks should not be de-fragmented, but there is other tasks that should be done periodically.


Also, you need to have a plan on how to recover the PC with the SSD or without. I am researching a way to keep my SSD synced with a partion on my hard drive, so I the SSD fails I can boot from the hard drive.


Hope that helps.


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Re: Adding a SSD in a T520

You'd be better off replacing the stock drive with an SSD and then putting the stock drive into the UltraBay (where the DVD burner is). There is an adapter on the Lenovo store for doing this. Just use the DVD drive to restore from the recovery disc set when you put the SSD in, and leave the stock drive in its cage since this locks it into the adapter.

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