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Adding a WWAN card to T480

Hello, I've owned a T480 for a while now, and would like to add a WWAN card to it. I've considered USB modules but can't find any that will accomodate my providor so I am investigating the possibility of adding an internal one. I see that the T480 has the slot for one inside, and a place for the sim card behind the battery, but I don't see any antenna wires, and so I'm wondering if this is actually possible and if anyone knows how to do it, or has done it. There seems to be very little information online about adding mobile broadband cards in general. I had quite a time tracking down the Sierra Wireless AirPrime module that is supposed to fit my thinkpad module. Any information on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Adding a WWAN card to T480

Hello and welcome,


That's not something I've done (or care to do if the antennas aren't in place) but these links may get you started.  Looks like the antennas are part of a WLAN WWAN combo.  page 100



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Re: Adding a WWAN card to T480

Sierra WL will probably not work in T480, as I think T480 has BIOS whitelist for WWANs for regulatory reasons. You will probably have to buy antennas yes. Lenovo documentations is painful to use. In this case it is non existant.


Use lenovo parts lookup to find antennas and then confirm them with the service center where you'd order antennas ...


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Re: Adding a WWAN card to T480

Here some pics of the antenna installation:


(A485, but should be pretty similar to the T480)


It's quite of a hassle but definitely possible. It may depend on your camera configuration though (IR/Shutter yes/no, I don't know exactly).


Antennas to get from here:

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