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Paper Tape
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Adding memory to T510

I recently received my new T510 which I ordered with 4GB of memory on 1 dimm.  With this option, will the free memory slot be located on the bottom of the unit or under the keypad?  I feel comfortable adding the memory if it only requires removing the cover plate on the bottom, but not with taking the keyboard off. 

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Re: Adding memory to T510

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Hi.  I actually have a T510 here with me, so I had a look to see where the RAM slots are.


There are two RAM slots, one is accessable on the bottom of the notebook, while the second one is accessable underneath the keyboard.


Luckily, both are easy to get at.  So, depending on where the factory installed your 1 stick of ram:


1. Remove the AC adapter power and the battery

2. Flip the laptop over, and in the center of the notebook, you'll see a door with two screws on it (they'll have little symbols next to them that are supposed to look like sticks of RAM.  Unscrew those, and take off that door.

3. If the slot underneath this door is empty, you can go ahead and add in your RAM (making sure that its the correct spec for this notebook of course.

4. If this slot is full, then the empty one must be under the keyboard.  To access that, there is another screw right next to the RAM door on the bottom of the notebook towards the front of the notebook, take that screw out. (it has 3 symbols next to it, a ram chip, a keyboard and a small rectangle)

5.  The last screw is underneath the RAM door towards the edge, it also h as the same 3 symbols as the previous screw hole.

6.  Once those screws are out, flip over the notebook, and open the lid.  Gently "slide" the keyboard towards the LCD screen, it should move enough for you to use your finger and pop it up, you will see the 2nd ram slow slightly left of the center of the notebook.


Hope this helps!

Paper Tape
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Re: Adding memory to T510

Yea it did help.  Thanks.  I will pull the bottom cover plate off to see if it is empty and then order my extra ram.  I can order a 4gb dimm from Lenovo, for I think around $120.US and add it myself.  If I had inculded it when I speced  my system they wanted $300.  Go figure!

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Re: Adding memory to T510

Good instructions!!. installed 4GB RAM in few minutes. Thank you.

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Re: Adding memory to T510

And good quality 4 GB SODIMMS can be had from 3rd parties for only $30 or so now.

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Paper Tape
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Re: Adding memory to T510

More than a year after it was posted, cquilliam's guide to adding ram to a T510 was just what I needed to convince me that it wouldn't be very hard to upgrade the memory on my Thinkpad. In fact, it was easier than I expected --maybe 5 minutes to replace a 2gb with  a 4gb stick to take my machine to a total of 6gb.


I could go to 8gb if I wanted to track down the other memory slot behind the keyboard, but I'm not sure it would ever make a performance difference I'd notice. 

Paper Tape
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Re: Adding memory to T510

Thank you for simplifying the instructions. It worked perfectly!
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