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Paper Tape
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Advise upgrading RAM for T430



I am considering to upgrade RAM for my T430 with 4Gb RAM stick. I don't know what is the better between additional upgrading another 4 Gb or 8 Gb RAM stick. I want my T430 running with Dual channel RAM, so what should I choose for the best performance of my laptop ?


Anybody has experienced that situation please take time to give me your advice. Thank you so much.

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Re: Advise upgrading RAM for T430

I put two 8GB sticks in my T430s. DDR3 is now very inexpensive. I paid a more a few months ago, but I've seen 2x8GB of 1600MHz DDR3 for as little as $50 in the past week.


While I agree that 16GB may seem like overkill, I believe that in the long run it will be the best and lowest cost option. I've now maxed the RAM I can put in my T430s. I benefit from that extra RAM by being able to minimize, if not disable altogether, paging. That makes my system perform faster.


If I put in less RAM now, e.g. a single 4GB or 8GB stick, then when I needed to upgrade in the future I'd have more leftover RAM to dispose of and prices of DDR3 would likely be much higher than today. (Look up the prices of previous generation DDR2 today. I expect the same will happen to DDR3 after DDR4 comes out.)

Cheers... Dorian Hausman • ca.gif English community
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Paper Tape
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Re: Advise upgrading RAM for T430

Dear hausman,


Thanks for your best advice and explaining. I have decided to upgrade my laptop with 2x8GB RAM sticks. I think it is the best choice too because I need to run some heavy tasks on my laptop such as: vitualization, LAB simulator, ...

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