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Fanfold Paper
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Anyone Interested T500 with Windows 10

Hi All, Windows 10 will go onto a T500 with no problem, the only thing is it will take about 15 mins to start boot, it needs some settings altered in bios, disable AMT, and reanable TPM.

Instructions below.

This is from Lenovo, hope it helps Bazzamer.

There were several forum discussions related to this, and most occured in 2009 and the versions of BIOS were not specified in the discussion.  As the discussions have not grown in significant volume, these symptoms are generally considered to be random events.   Newer versions of the BIOS have been released and the general recommendation is to upgrade to the latest version on the support site appropriate for your model.


If these long boot symptoms, following the BIOS update occur, multiple customers have reported success in resolving them  by disabling Intel AMT and setting the security chip, TPM, as active in the BIOS.


Steps to disable Intel AMT and enable TPM settings as below.


  1. Boot into BIOS
  2. Select Config
  3. Select Intel AMT
  4. Press Enter key on Intel AMT Control and select Disable
  5. Press ESC twice
  6. Select Security
  7. Select Security chip and select Enable
  8. Press F10 and click Yes.


Fanfold Paper
Posts: 7
Registered: ‎08-22-2013
Location: GB
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Re: Anyone Interested T500 with Windows 10

Hi, Many thanks for the reply, have 10 on it with 8gb ram, did a few speed tweaks, now boots under 60 seconds, prob would get a bit more if i fit ssd.
Thanks for the help.

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