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Audio port on Ultra Dock docking station not working with T470 docked, but it worked with T450.

I have ThinkPad T470 laptop with Windows 10 pro x64 installed. Sound plays just fine from the laptop's speakers, and when I plug external speakers into the laptop's 3.5mm audio port they work just fine too.

But...when the laptop is docked in my Ultra Dock 90W docking station and the external speakers cable is plugged into the dock's audio port, no sound is heard. If I'm playing music through the laptop's speakers, as soon as I plug a cable into the dock's audio port no sound is heard. I can still use the laptop's audio port to connect external speakers, but that defeats the object of having an audio port on the Ultra Dock.


I believe the driver of external speaker plugged into dock is well-installed and well-detected by the device manager
I already set it as default audio output and can see the volume symbol up-and-down while testing it.

I also had my T450 docked and the audio port from this Ultra Dock worked just as expected!! 

It seems everything works fine but still no sound can be heard when T470 is docked.

Is it a bug when using Dock with T470 docked ??

What do I need to do to get the Ultra Dock's audio port working?
Anyone can help ?? Thanks a lot in advance!

Kind regards,




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