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Paper Tape
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Audio skipping and other issues on T400

I ran system update about 2 weeks ago and my T400 hasn't been right since. I've got the following issues...

  1. Audio skips, specifically when playing Mp3s AACs, etc. - Running Conexant Driver version:
  2. Video hangs intermittently - After having problems with the igfxsrvc.exe ramping up really high CPU utilization (most recent driver), I had to go to disable the switchable graphics and install the old ATI driver. - ATI Driver Version: 8.520.4.5000
  3. Computer won't sleep on lid close while plugged in... even though the setting is set in PowerManager 2.42
  4. Waking up from sleep causes the computer to black the screen about 3 times before becoming responsive... I see desktop, black (w cursor), desktop, black (w cursor), desktop... very annoying and not very fluid.
Im running Vista 64, have the latest T400 bios and have Aero turned on. Any help diagnosing my problems would be greatly appreciated.



UPDATE: So, #3 was solved by using a different power setting, almost seems to be a bug with the "Maximum Battery Life"preset... at least for my computer. #4 was fixed by installing the monitor driver.

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Punch Card
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Re: Audio skipping and other issues on T400


I also own a T400 and had huge issues with skipping audio. Try the following:


1) Uninstall Intel Storage Manager and let Vista use the default driver for disc controller (I presume yours is by default in AHCI mode just as mine was).

2) Then go to Control Panel -> Sound, select Conexant High Definition SmartAudio 221 and after clicking on Options, select Disable all enhancements under Enhancements tab (this is a time-proven trick I learned while using a Dell at work).


Pls let me know it this works for you.


What's DOS?
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Re: Audio skipping and other issues on T400

I also own a T400 with audio skipping, drop out issues. I ran the DPC Latency Checker and found my latency to be around 9300 ms. I went through the device manager and enabled and disabled various devices to find the cause. I finally found that disabling the Optiarc DVD RW AD-7910S drive caused the latency to fall instantly to around 50 - 360 ms. The audio problems went away.

I'm using Win XP pro so I'm not sure if this works on Vista.



Blue Screen Again
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Re: Audio skipping and other issues on T400

I'd suggest contributing to the thread here:


Lenovo folks are working with users to track down the problem there.

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