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Average power consumption comparision: i7 and t500

2009-09-28, 21:49 PM



What is the average power consumption (non-peak) of a t500 system,

doing web-surfing and light tasks ?

I have read that the i7 mobiles (non-lenovo) are at 52W avg, and 75W peak,

and this will help me decide whether to buy the t500 or wait for the lenovo

i7 based laptops




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Re: Average power consumption comparision: i7 and t500

2009-09-28, 23:44 PM

P8400 / P8600 etc core2duo mobile (2,2-2,4ghz) take 25W. I think in office use my T400 uses about 15W, not sure. It depends on load. I find quad core laptop CPUs quite useless for the average user.I think the i7 mobiles have a 45W specification, which is quite higher than the modern dual cores.  I prefer longer battery life to having four cores i will most likely never use in daily work. This changes, of course, if you use your laptop as Desktop replacement or primarily for CPU intensive tasks, such as video en/decoding.

Thinkpad T400 (Windows 7 Ultimate x64)

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Re: Average power consumption comparision: i7 and t500

2009-09-29, 2:06 AM

Thinkpad's with LED screens idle at around 7-8 watts. I think on average Thinkpad T500's will be around 10-15 watts depending on Wifi use (wifi being one of the more power demand)


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Re: Average power consumption comparision: i7 and t500

2009-09-29, 13:02 PM

older T7xxx CPU have a TDP of around 45 watt, the T8xxx Penryn should have a TDP of 25 watt which makes it run mucher cooler and therefore less battery power for operating the CPU cycles and the heatsink fan. 


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