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Punch Card
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BSOD T470s

I have gotten two BSOD in the time period of a week.
As I can tell it's because of two different things.

BSOD no 1

It indicated to the Intel drivers or pci.sys as in the pcie buss, I did replace the NVMe drive as I either way was upgrading to a 500GB 960 and after that this BSOD did not happen agian.
It could been fixed because of the replacing of the driver or it could have been fixed due to re-installing windows 10.
I don't know.

Here is the dump file, aldo it's 100MB, I hadent activate smal dump files here yet.


BSOD no 2

This one is a little tricky it does indicate to NTFS file system and also volume sys drive.
But it also indicate to a 3rd party driver "Probably caused by : mrcbt.sys"
And it also indicate that mrcbt.sys and other drivers did have issue to write to the memory.

This did happen when I did change partion table on my external harddrive in the disk manager, the BSOD did littlery happen when I did klick on the "finish" button to extend the partition on the drive so it could be just that my external harddrive did have a corrupte file system as the Event viewer did flag about it 4min before the BSOD did accure.


Aldo according to Microsoft 0x50 is because of faulty hardware and they are blaiming the memory (could bee harddrive or ram) and as I have been replacing the NVMe already I just got the RAM left to replace - but as it could bee the harddrive it could bee the external USB HDD also.


Here is the dump file for the BSOD no 2 that is only 256kb as it's smaller:

After this BSOD I did try to reproduce the issues but I can't reproduce them´I have tried but I can't.


I have also been running memtest86 no issues recorded, Lenovos own diagnostic no issues and also Intels diagnostic without any issues.
I have tried to run Driver verifier for 24h also and no drivers causing BSOD.


But to have two different BSOD in the time frame of a week is not normal, and randomly BSOD use to bee caused by the RAM and memtest86 don't show every singel issue with the RAM sometime it do miss things so maybe I should try to replace the RAM stick.

In worst cause Lenovo needs to replace the motherboard as after the RAM I have replaced everything that I can, the rest is solid in to the motherboard.


What do you guys think?


One more thing, almost all of the drivers for the T470s is from 2016-11 please Lenovo update them as for the Intel drivers the new ones is more adapted for the Intel HD 620 graphic and also it has fixed the bug that causes BSOD when you connecting a TV trough HDMI to it.

Punch Card
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Re: BSOD T470s

Well the BSOD was because of the Intel drivers (updated now) also it was because of the 3rd party RAM.
The T470 are only supporting 2400MHz CL15 ram

Paper Tape
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Re: BSOD T470s

You are simply wrong, the non-removable memory is 2133mhz meaning no matter what all system memory is running at 2133mhz regardless if the additional sodimm is 2400mhz.

Just be sure the memory you use is CL15.

Punch Card
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Re: BSOD T470s

Well then explane for me that I did get BSOD on two different RAM's then I did buy Lenovo's 16GB 2400MHz ram and after that I did not have any kind of BSOD.

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