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Paper Tape
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BSOD on ThinkPad T500 Window 7 when docked

New build of Windows 7 Pro on a T500. Everything worked fine until I docked (type 2505) the computer. Immediately got BSOD. Now the computer will not boot into Windows (even if I choose that option), but rather will only put me in the Windows Recovery screen. Ran PC Doctor on the computer before putting Windows 7 on it, so it isn't a hardware issue. A Windows XP computer runs fine on this dock, so it isn't a dock hardware issue. Drivers ? Tried tech support, but don't get me started with the brainless wonder I ended up with. Been a IBM/Lenovo house here for many years, but it might be time to make a change.

lead_org Microsoft MVP Contributor
Microsoft MVP Contributor
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Re: BSOD on ThinkPad T500 Window 7 when docked

lets do this, since you got the port replicator.

Turn all the legacy device support in the bios menu, so switch off parallel ports, serial ports, etc.

Also what is the exact error message displayed on the T500? and finally what do you have have docking the machine hot or when it is completely switched off.

Jin Li

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Paper Tape
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Re: BSOD on ThinkPad T500 Window 7 when docked

Don't get any real error message. The machine comes up and asks me to choose either Recovery or Normal Startup. If I choose Normal Startup, the Win 7 boot begins but within 2 second jumps to Windows Error Recovery. So either choice puts me in this option. I can't do anything from here with either option; Restore using system image (which I didn't do) or the Use Recovery Tools option which errors out with 'You must log in to access System Recovery Options', which of course I can't do. Tried booting from my Windows 7 DVD and doing a repari but after going through those step it said that it couldn't fix my problem...

Went through the BIOS and disable whatever looked like it might have to do with 'legacy' devices, but still no luck. I guess I am just SOL.

Thanks for your thoughts.

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