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Battery will not start charging

I don't know why I think it software related but my battery will not go into the charging mode. I have been watching it for a few days now and it is now down to 1% charge left and has yet to start charging it's self back up. Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Battery will not start charging


I have the same problem suddenly with my T500.


treshold to start charging is set at 25%, but it just does not start charging. It's now at 10%.


Did you get a solution?!

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Re: Battery will not start charging



Try shutting down, removing the battery and AC and press and hold the power button several times, then re-insert the battery and AC and see if it will charge correctly.


You could also try the battery gauge reset function.


Do you have another battery you could try in the system to see if it will charge - it could be the charging circuit is bad, but this seems a rather unlikely condition.


What does the battery information tab on power manager report about the battery in terms of full charge capacity vs design capacity?  How many cycles are on it?




Perhaps you could tell us exactly which system you have, what battery and a few details about your configuration?  We are probably limited to general advice otherwise.


If you have a new system T410/510 system, you might check out this tip - we have a new BIOS and battery firmware for download that could resolve this kind of charging issue.


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