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Paper Tape
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Best SSD for T410 at the moment?



short questions:


What is the best/fastest SSD for a T410 at the moment that i can order from Lenovo?


And if i dont order the ssd from lenovo but buy one from market what is the best that fits in the 410?


T410 only supports 1,8" right? Are there any problems expected with a not lenovo certified ssd?


And is there a list of the original manufacturer of the Lenovo SSD's so i can look for Tests?


Thank you for your help!

Token Ring
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

The T410s only supports 1.8" SSDs.

The T410, on the other hand, will take standard 9.5 mm 2.5" drives.

Since the T410 only has an SATA II connection it won't get the full benefit from the new SATA III drives since the data can only be transferred so fast, but buying a SATA III drive isn't necessarily a waste (the Micron/Crucial RealSSD C300 comes to mind) of that speed.

I'd suggest anything with a SandForce controller for the maximum possible speed- don't bother with the other, slower controllers.
The one exception to this rule are Intel SSDs since they provide superior random read speed in small file size.

Your computer will boot up faster with an Intel SSD than a SandForce one (that's why the Lenovo rep used an Intel one rather than a SandForce one in the bootup demo mentioned in another thread on this forum).

The only thing is that Intel SSDs fall down on the job when writing data (their speeds on writing are very bad compared to SandForce (70 MB/s vs 275 MB/s for the SandForce).

Also, try to get an SSD with the 34nm flash size since they last longer than the 25nm ones. Also, 34nm drives are usually larger than the 25nm ones, not that certain manufacturers would tell you this.

If I'm not mistaken, Lenovo uses Samsung drives (470)?
Those aren't SandForce drives.

In short, get the cheapest SandForce drive you can (for the capacity you need).
Remember, large-capacity drives outperform the smaller ones.
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

Lenovo also use Toshiba and Intel. The 80gb and 160gb SSD's from Lenovo are Intel.


I agree with the sandforce or Intel even if there are some others that are decent as well. Soon the Intel 510 SSD's will be available which i believe might be a better option instead of buying their current X25 models. I found the Intel SSD's to be very realiable as well as fast. Below are some of the specs of the new 510 series.


6Gbps throughput
120GB and 250GB capacities
sustained sequential reads to 500MB/s
sustained sequential writes to 315MB/s


Of course using this SSD in a T410 you won't get all the benefits of these specs like already described because of SATA 2 / 3. I currently use a Intel X-25 G2 SSD, but will switch to a Intel 510 as soon as available.



Paper Tape
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

Big thanks to this very useful explanation!


Are the 1,8" generally slower than the 2,5" drives? Is the C300 1,8" as fast as the 2,5" version?


I think i like the 410s more (i want a very handy size laptop this time but the x series is too small). Are there any other things to regard when comparing the 410 with the 410s?


Thanks for help!



Paper Tape
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

Are there any plans from lenovo to sell the new intel 510 in there T Series? Or to upgrade the T Series with SATA 3 Controllers?
I think the Intel 510 Series will come out only in 2,5", right?

Token Ring
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

The T series will have SATA 3 controllers (420, 420s, and 520).

Physical size doesn't matter for speed.
1.8" should be every bit as fast as 2.5".

The 3 things that modify speed are:
-Capacity (bigger = faster)
-Controller (some faster than others)
-Connection (SATA 3 SSDs work slower in SATA 2 mode)

I don't think that Intel will release 510's in 1.8", though that might change in time.

Also, in terms of the T410s, the only thing you have to worry about is battery life. You can't have a 9-cell battery in the T410s but you can in the standard T410.

You also need a 1.8" drive for the T410s IIRC whereas the T410 can take any 9.5 mm x 2.5" SSD you can throw at it (also, the T420s has will have a similar problem when it comes out since it's got a not-that-common 7mm bay but the T420 can take 9.5mm drives as normal.)
What's DOS?
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

The official T420/520 specs listed by Lenovo show 3 options for an SSD drive:

80gb Intel

160gb Intel

128gb (manufacturer not listed)


If one wants a SandForce controller, does it mean the buyer MUST buy separately? Any chance the 128gb SSD will have a SandForce controller?


My primary criterion is to get an SSD that will deliver reliable and consistent performance (even at the expense of being the fastest drive). I'm a little wary of buying Intel because of all the recalls and firmware updates they've had to issue to fix problems with their drives. Are these problems behind Intel? Can I trust the reliability and consistency of modern-day intel SSDs? Or should I really focus on getting a SandForce?

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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

Reliability problms are long behnd Intel (early Sandforce had thier own problems).  I would let price and availability make teh decison.  I have 2 Intel 80GB x-25 Gen2s and have never had an issue.

T61p, T400
formerly x23, x40
Token Ring
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

No chance of the SSD being SandForce- it's either Intel (Intel controller), Samsung (Samsung controller), or Toshiba (Toshiba controller). All of those lag behind SandForce drives performance-wise.

You should focus on a SandForce one since they have the best all-around speeds.
Intel ones are faster at 4K random reads (that's why Lenovo used them in a fast-boot demonstration), but they get killed in every test against SandForce drives, especially when writing data to them (70 MB/s (Intel) vs 275 MB/s (SandForce)).

One thing to note, however, is with SandForce drives: 34 nm flash performs better than 25 nm flash- and some SSD makers switch without telling you (OCZ is bad for this). Otherwise you should be good to go.

Every SSD out there gets updates- they only get better as new firmware comes out.

You should back up your data, though, for the first few months of having an SSD since they do sometimes randomly fail: that's covered under warranty, and it just, well, happens, to every maker out there.
What's DOS?
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Re: Best SSD for T410 at the moment?

"Q-ball said: The T410s only supports 1.8" SSDs."





The T410 Support 2,5 SSD!!!!


The HHD  comes from fabric with 1.8" + rubber adaptor to 2.5




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