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Blue Tooth issues

Hi all, I have quite a mystery.  I have a T460 1year old.  Everything was working fine until about 2 months ago.  My computer is used for business and is in my office.  One day my bluetooth mouse stopped working. My first response, new battery in the mouse and also tried another mouse.  No luck. Got in touch with lenovo support, they did remote view messing with drivers etc. No change. Then they put in a new wifi bluetooth card and then new motherboard no change. Here's the mystery, I took my computer home to do work, and the bluetooth mouse worked. The computer recognized and connected with the mouse. Went back to office, no go.  Computer will not pair and if it find the mouse to pair it usually doesn't connect.  If it does connect on rare occasion, it works for about 5 seconds, then disconnects.  In setting it seems that other bluetooth devices are being recognized but they are not mine. The latest suggestion from lenovo is to re-install windows 10.  I'm not an expert, but if it was windows, wouldn't it do the same thing at my home? It works there. I have heard that sometimes in office buildings there can be interference and issues.  If a re-install of windows 10 doesn't work, what can be done to solve this.  Most techs have been stumped.  Thanks

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Re: Blue Tooth issues

Bluetooth shares the same 2.4 GHz frequency many other devices, so my guess is that in your office there is enough interference at your workplace to cause your BlueTooth mouse to not work, so you may have to do some sleuthing to find out what changed recently in your work environment.    


Cordless Phones, USB keyboards/mice, microwaves, fluorescent lighting and other bluetooth devices can all cause interference on the 2.4 GHz frequency.   The 5 Ghz WiFi band is not a problem, but a nearby WiFi router might be operating on both 2.4  and 5 GH, so they can present a problem too (sometimes changing the channel used by the 2.4 GHz portion of the router can help)


Unfortunately, if you work in a congested office environment, there may not be a good solution unless you can find the culprit.    I would try moving around the office, or even outside your office to see if you can connect away from your desk, and if so, perhaps you can narrow down the zone where connections drop.


Since it works fine away from your office, I seriously doubt that it is a Windows issue as you already have surmised.


Good Luck,

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Re: Blue Tooth issues

Hello Sherri2,


A new driver has been released which might help in your situation assuming the cause was due to disconnection when connected to a 2.4GHz wireless network.


Version (R02BF15W)
•(New) Initial release for RS3
•(Fix) Fix BT Device Automatically Disconnects When WiFi Is Connected Via 2.4 GHz Frequency




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