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Blue screen or rainbow multicolored display after moving system


While carrying a powered-on ThinkPad T530 or W530 system (only recommended for solid state drives), the user may experience a BSOD or Rainbow Screen.  Plugging in the system to an external display may produce a correct display and allow for orderly shutdown and saving of program.  This set of conditions seems to affect the internal display.



This condition may be caused as the result of accumulating electrostatic charge leaking into the hard drive bay due to out-of-spec hard drive bay doors.  


The hard drive bay door contains metal tabs designed to make contact with the chassis and disperse any build up of electrostatic charge. These metals tabs were found to be bent in a way that does not allow for proper contact with the chassis. Any electrostatic charge building up on the system does not have an easy way to disperse and can act on internal components (in this case the hard drive) resulting in either the BSOD or Rainbow Screen.

Instructions on how to check:


1. Remove the hard drive bay door:


T530 HDD bay open.gif

2. Inspect the metal ESD tabs:


Look at the tabs in the photos below - the tabs should be "sprung" and not laying flat against the cover so that when they are installed they will be under slight tension and ensuring good contact with the system to dissipate static build up.


In this first picture, the tabs are bent downward and are laying flat - the don't have "spring" and may not may proper contact when the cover is installed.


Bent ESD pins.gif


In this second picture, this is the correct profile for the tabs - your cover should look like this.


Correct ESD.gif


If your cover looks like the first picture, then this may be the cause.



It may be possible to gently bend the tabs up so that they look like those shown in the second photo above, and this may allow the customer to correct the issue themselves.


Lenovo has released a new FRU to ensure all doors are in spec.  The official support solution for doors found to have incorrectly formed tabs is to replace the hard drive bay door with the new part number (FRU 04Y2094)

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