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Bluetooth mouse mysteriously stops



I use a Vebatim 96674 Bluetooth laser mouse with my T510-CTO laptop, with latest Bluetooh drivers installed on 64-bit Win 7 Pro . It generally works fine, but randomly, on average a couple of times a day, it stops working; no cursor movement, no response to mouse buttons.  I have not been able to correlate the quits with any particular actions.


Turning the Bluetooth radio off and on, turning the mouse off and on, and presing the mouse's connect button do not restore it. Here's the really strange part: navigating to the Mouse control panel applet and opening it with the TrackPoint DOES restore the mouse. I don't even have to click anything in the applet window; it just starts working again. 





Bluetooth is effectively an USB device, and often can be affected by power management settings elsewhere in the system.  Uncheck the  "allow Windows to turn device off to save power" in the properties of the USB root hubs and the Thinkpad Bluetooth 2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate II radio driver  in device manager .

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JNavas On 2011-11-04, 20:43 PM

Even with Bluetooth power managment disabled, this problem still occurs from time to time

on my X220, so a real fix still needs to be found!


UPDATE: See how I finally fixed this problem here.

tiotaco On 2013-09-09, 19:02 PM
I have same problem, but it sometimes fixes itself, other times I have to click bluetooth devices and wait a minute or so. T500 with official Lenovo Thinkpad bluetooth mouse, all latest drivers.
speedmaster On 2014-07-24, 21:11 PM

UNBELIEVABLE THAT THIS ISSUE HAS BEEN HAPPENING SINCE 2010. JUST GOT A YOGA2 13 TODAY WITH THE SAME S(*****) ISSUE... What the heck Lenovo? There is no engineering there? Did you guys leave all of them @ IBM when you bought the division from them?


I've paid 1300 bucks for a computer and I expect it to work !!! I don't want to use a dongle and I want my Bluetooth working. If I don't manage to have this fixed in one week I will return it and I think we all should do the same... We paid for something that is supposed to work and I'm tired of this and that... JUMP ON THE PROBLEM AND FIX IT...or at least replace your engineers !!!!


Agent88 On 2014-11-17, 0:56 AM

After working over 4 years without an issue, my T510 just started doing this same behavior.  I have fresh battteries and the power management features are turned off but it drops and will not reconnect via the wizard discovery process.  I have been able to get it back by using Fn+F5 and power cycling the BT radio, but would like a real fix.  I have the latest drivers... which may be part of the issue.  I am thinking if all else fails to roll back to the previous driver.

JNavas On 2014-11-17, 1:04 AM

Your Bluetooth module may be defective. See http://forums.lenovo.com/t5/T400-T500-and-newer-T-series/ThinkPad-Bluetooth-6-5-1-2700-apparently-causes-mouse-to-stop/m-p/1710901#M102638

kstrid On 2016-04-18, 16:44 PM

I have a T420s Laptop (ThinkPad)  4174FM9, W7 Prof.. I have tried both Lenovo laser mouse as well as (now) Logitech M555b. Both stop working now and then. What I usually do is to remove the mouse and add it again. Very anoing.

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