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Paper Tape
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Brand new T470: "2100: Detection error on HDD0"



last week I received my new T470; everything fine until yesterday when, after enabling virtualization support when running on battery, I received the infamous "2100: Detection error on HDD0". Power off and on again and the system booted correctly. After a couple of hours I left the pc for ten minutes or so and I wasn't able to wake it up: power light was on but tapping on keys or touchpad didn't wake the laptop up. Power off and a second "2100"; this time turning the pc off and on didn't do the trick... I thought the issue could be related to the virtualization settings I had enabled, so I entered the BIOS and disabled virtualization. Bingo, the pc booted! So, just to be sure that it was the root cause of the problem, I re-enabled it.. but everything went fine!  From then I'm not able to reproduce the issue anymore, but my OCD (and my colleagues, that kept saying I should have bought a Mac) is telling me that I have to fix this. My hard disk is a Toshiba SSD:



Firmware Version: 51025KLA


Googling these codes brought me here:


The fact that my laptop wasn't waking up makes me think the problems could be related; I've seen a lot of posts of people with the same issue, some suggest checking HD connectors, other to change the HD model. Some people say that when the error occurs it is enough to enter and exit the BIOS (it is what happened to me). 


Diagnostic tool says everything is fine. BIOS is not up to date (1.28) but release notes of version 1.29 and 1.30 don't contain anything about similar issues; same thing for SDD driver. I could do a shot in the dark but I'd rather not to mess with firmware stuff when I'm not sure it going to solve the problem. Sending it back to the shop is an option but probably it would mean to stay weeks without a computer.  


Suggestions? Anyone with the same problem? 


Thank you

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Community SeniorMod
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Re: Brand new T470: "2100: Detection error on HDD0"

This kind of problem is hard to diagnose, but if it were my machine, I would update the BIOS to the latest version and install the newest power management drivers.  I would then boot into the BIOS and load setup defaults.  I would use the machine normally and see if it is stable.


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Paper Tape
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Re: Brand new T470: "2100: Detection error on HDD0"

In the meanwhile a few reboots, both on AC and battery, and no issues so far. For now I'm thinking to leave everything as it is and cross my fingers... ;-)

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Re: Brand new T470: "2100: Detection error on HDD0"

Hi, did the problem occur again?

I have my T470 since around March and this  problem occurs from time to time...
After a reboot everything works fine...

For example it just happened now about 10 minutes ago and the last time before was at the beginning of June.
I always have the latest drivers and updates installed via Lenovo Companion.

But to be honest if this keep popping up from time to time and my machine can more or less crash every time, I cannot see any security to work with my ThinkPad without doubts...

Is there any stable fix or comment from Lenovo?
Seems to be a problem that comes up often with different Lenovo notebooks...



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