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What's DOS?
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Buy T500 in India

I'm from India. I want to buy T500 but it is not available in India's lenovo site. It have only T400 with some specific configuration.

Is there any way I can buy it from US. And I'm an IBM employee.


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Re: Buy T500 in India

it is obviously more preferable to buy laptops from USA since it is a lot cheaper than overseas, but the problem arises in terms of shipping, since you registered your location in USA, i guess you can get them to ship to it to your address in USA.


But before you decide to buy it from USA and then take it to India, it is advisable that during purchase you note down the four character model number and see whether you are eligible for international in India. International warranty follows the laptop model number.


International warranty service (IWS) you can check the IWS eligibility when you know the model number of the laptop.


Also, for international warranty outside the country of purchase, the warranty available for most machines are the most basic offered in that country, which usually carry in depot warranty. For exact warranty eligibility you should call the country you are going to when you get the laptop. 


Jin Li

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Re: Buy T500 in India

i bought mine from an Indian guy from Colombus who ships internationally at quite reasonable prices- and yes laptops are very overpriced outside US

Punch Card
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Re: Buy T500 in India

Hi ,


U can buy on your name in usa but ship to any of your friend in america and ask him to help to ship to india and about international warranty for T400 its is having the international warranty in india tooo.