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Can I install a 1TB HDD in a ThinkPad T500?


Is it possible to replace the SATA 160GB HDD with a 1TB hdd in a ThinkPad T500? It seems some notebooks don't support large drives. 


notebook_hard_drives.jpg Generally, yes - most of the larger drives (>= 750GB) use  "advanced formatting". That means that the tracks are divided into 4kb sectors, rather than 512-byte sectors. In general, once you deal with advanced formatting, there are no other problems until you go over 2TB, where you need to format it as a GPT (GUID Partition Table) rather than an MBR (Master Boot Record) partition. The considerations related to advanced formatting depend on what OS you are using, so do a search (using whatever search engine you like) on "Advanced format drives vista" substituting your OS.


Some additional considerations in selecting larger drives than officially supported by Lenovo:


Physical dimensions - compatible HDDs must be 9.5 mm thick and not 12.5 mm thick.  Do not discard the rubber vibration isolators in order to obtain mechanical clearance to forcibly install a thicker drive.  Drives without the rubber mounts are more likely to prematurely fail.


Power consumption / heat dissipation - higher RPM drives tend to draw more power reducing run time on battery, and may operate at higher temperatures.


Data rates - the T500 supports SATA II data rates of up to 3.0 GB/Sec.  Faster drives will be limited in throughput rates to SATA II speeds.

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Oneida101 On 2017-01-02, 21:13 PM

Now I see why my T540P is not working as it did when I changed the hard drive to a 2 TB because now it does no work when attempting to close or change website pages it is like it is locked up for 5 to 20 seconds like it is trying to catch up. I use my T540P for game camera Videos and wanted to have enough Space to have all one years videos on that Laptop.


So what needs to be done if anything when using Windows 7 Professional as not getting it to work? Dislike Windows 8  8.1 amd Windows 10. Nothing but Grief attempting to puutng a File Name to a Group of Videos which with W7 it is Easy and Simple it opens up a Box. So what is needed to to use a 2TB Hard Drive with Windows 7 and Links so I can have some with more knowledge attempt to get Working???




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