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Lenovo Staff
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I bought a refurbished T500 which came with Intel GMA 4500. Can I install an ATI 3650 graphics card in it?


The Intel GMA 4500 video card is integrated into the T500 processor.  The ATI3650 is a graphics card.  Unfortunately, the T500 does not come with a PCIe slot. Hence, the graphics card cannot be installed in the machine. 


That said, users can opt to get an eGPU, or a ThinkPad Advanced Docking Station.


The eGPU is the solution that is possibly cheaper and it will give you the ability to have a full sized PCIe slot. It comes with different connectors - some come with USB while others have an express card. 


The choice of eGPU is dependent on what users want to use it to connect with. Online searches should return choices of these, so choose according to your needs. 


The ThinkPad Advanced Docking Station enables the T500 to have a half-size PCIe. The ATI3650 does not fit in this slot but there are other discrete graphics cards that do.

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