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Can I replace the T510's DVD Burner with an SSD? What do I need to consider?


I have a DVD burner slot.  I want to add a new hard drive on my laptop.  I have already replaced my initial HD for a bigger one, a SATA. 


Is it possible to replace this with a new SSD (Intel 520 240gigs) and put my current SATA HD in the DVD burner slot?


What are some of the things I need to take note of for this to work?


To add a second drive in the optical bay, you need to buy an Ultrabay Adapter II for newer ThinkPad models. 


Some vendors refer to it as a "caddy," but it is an adapter.


There may be OEM versions in the Lenovo store in your country which you can choose from, or you could conduct an online search for compatible Ultrabay adapters.


Note that in general, such adapters come in two thicknesses -  9.5mm and 12.7mm. You should measure the thickness of your DVD drive to confirm that your new adapter fits before you make the purchase.


Both sizes will work on the T510 but note that there would be a two mm gap in the 9.5 mm version of the Ultrabay adapter.


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