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Can I use 90w power adapter interchangeably with my computer which is using a 65w battery?


I have two ThinkPads:


1) T400 that has a 90w 20v power adapater

2) T430S that has a 65w 20v power adapter


Can I use the chargers interchangeably on the computers?  Are there any concerns, side effects?  My assumption is that using the 65w on the T400 will take longer to charge the battery.  More importantly, I would like to know if there will be any damage if I use the 90w charger on the T430S.


You can interchange them without harming either ThinkPad. Note that there will be limitations with a 65W adapter:


1. It will take longer to recharge the battery.


2. It may not be powerful enough to power/recharge certain configurations, e.g. with i7 processors and/or discrete graphics processors.


3. It may not be powerful enough to power/recharge certain types of usage, e.g. when watching a DVD while at the same time running HDD intensive applications.


4. Certain features, e.g. RapidCharge on the T430s, won't work.


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UUVee On 2018-11-07, 5:22 AM



About a month ago, I picked up a used T430 which came with a 65W AC adpater and a mini dock station 3 but no 90W adapter. I've been using the 65W adapter for a month on the docking station but then realized it should of came with its own adapter (which i dodnt know at the time of purchase).


My concern is while the 65W adapter thats hooked up to the dock, will it be harming my T430 and other things that are hooked up to the station? (printers, monitors, mouse, speakers etc)


Should I pickup a 90W adapter for the dock?





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