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Lenovo Staff
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The Intel N1000 WiFi card on my T420 just broken, and I have a T400 sitting there for years. I am wondering if i can use the WiFi card in T400 to work with T420.


The WiFi card in T400 is Intel N5300 and it is a full size PCI-e card


The WiFi card in T420 is N1000 and it is a half size PCI-e card


In T420, there is a position near the RAM slot on the back of the laptop, which can work with a full size PCI-e. Is it possible to intall the Intel N5300 there? Or that slot is for WAN only?


The Intel N5300 WiFi card will not work on the T420, and will not be able to be detected once it is plugged in. 

This is as the mPCIe slot in the T420 is not wired up for the full mPCIe applications.

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