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Lenovo Staff
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I just purchased a T430s. I want a ultrabay battery to extend the outdoor working time and I have a 42T4679 battery at home, so I want to try that one on my new laptop.


I put this battery in but the system does not recognize it. I go to the Lenovo Solution Centre but the message is that a communication error had occurred.


Is there any way to solve this issue?




The Ultrabay battery FRU 42T4679 is a Battery 42. 


The T430s takes a Battery 43, which employs the new Rapid Charge feature. This requires a new generation of batteries that are incompatible with the old, as new battery models (70+, 70++, 81+, 82+) feature a hardware authentication chip. These batteries will work in 2012 and older ThinkPads. Existing battery models (55, 55+, 55++, 66+) do not have a hardware authentication chip and will be recognized, but not be charged, in later versions of ThinkPads.

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Thanks, Serene.  If you have a list of battery partnumbers (option, FRU and ASM) I would be happy to include them in the FRU to Marketing Cross Reference.