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Cannot boot T480 from USB

2018-11-12, 15:57 PM


New T480 user, with a new T480.

I have a USB that I want to boot from for a temporary Linux session.

I did the following:

(1) Placed the USB key into the USB port

(2) Restarted laptop

(3) selected "Enter" when the red Lenovo logo starts on restart

(4) selected the "boot from external device" option on the menu that appears

(5) On the next menu that appears, I can see my USB key listed, but when I select it and press enter, nothing happens. It just stays on the same menu.

I have tried this several times, restarting from both my admin account, and my windows account (I have these separate for security purposes), but cannot get it to work.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance


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Re: Cannot boot T480 from USB

2018-11-12, 17:06 PM

Hello and welcome,


What version of Linux is on the flash drive?  (Or is it a USB HDD or ???)  How was it prepared?  FAT32, NTFS, ??? Is it UEFI or legacy bootable - or both?  Is it bootable in secure mode?  What's the BIOS boot mode?  UEFI, legacy, both?  Secure boot on or off?



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Re: Cannot boot T480 from USB

2018-11-13, 8:08 AM

Try either changing from UEFI to Legacy, and/or play with secure boot (on/off). Finally when making your USB did you use MBR or GPT?

Thinkpad T480s, Thinkpad T460p

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Re: Cannot boot T480 from USB

2018-12-12, 4:01 AM



i have tried to on/off Secure boot but i am still unable to boot using Thumb Drive. My thumbdrive is FAT32


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Re: Cannot boot T480 from USB

2019-04-04, 22:46 PM


What worked for me: Disable "Secure Boot" & enable "Legacy Boot" UEFI in your BIOS.

Note: Legacy Boot is not selectable if Secure Boot is enabled.


Original msg:

Did you figure this out?


I also cannot boot from USB and experience the exact same procedure and response as you.


One thing: I cannot select Legacy Boot.  The item is skipped over when I try to select it from the BIOS Startup menu.


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Re: Cannot boot T480 from USB

2019-04-05, 17:23 PM
Do you happen to have Intel Optane installed?
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