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Fanfold Paper
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Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

Just got a new T420 and tried the webcam feature but unfortunately it doesn't work. When Fn+F6 is press I only see the audio settings. I installed the latest driver from LENOVO and rebooted the system but it's still the same, just the audio settings. Updated the communication & hotkey as well but did not help.

Any help will be much appreciated..




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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

As you are unable to use the webcam in your ThinkPad T420. I would suggest you to please re-install the Integrated Camera Driver from the below mentioned web link.


After that please perform the following settings.

Press Fn+F6. The Communications settings window opens.
Click the Manage Settings button. The Communications Utility window opens.
In the Communications Utility window, configure the camera settings depending on your individual needs.





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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420


First - thanks for your reply.

I did follow your instructions but there is no camera setting in the communication utility.

I must also add that the integrated camera is not showing in my device manager with ( ! ) atleast. Is it possible that the camera is disabled? Is there a way to check it like the other laptop models (fn+esc)?




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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

Problem solved! Smiley Happy

At start-up, pressed F1 to access BIOS - Security - Integrated Camera - Enable... Another happy owner... but it could have been enabled at the factory...

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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420



thanks for coming back and offering the solution, hopefully it will help others.  If you could mark it as solved this will hopefully help others find it quicker;  click on the options button in the top right corner of your most recent posts and then click "Accept as Solution"


Thanks again and in advance



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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

You're welcome! Yes hopefully other can see this simple solution if they come across with the same issue.
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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

Well, I have the dsame problem after a clean windows 7 install. The device is enabled in the BIOS and I've downloaded the drivers. Still no webcam.

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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

I am also sailing on the same boat.  the option Integrated camera is enabled on BIOS.

reinstalled the driver from lenovo site. I doubt if the driver is getting installed because for the last window it say click to install web cam driver but nothing happens after that ideally it should open up a cmd prompt

What's DOS?
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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

In regards to this forum post, I've been wanting to comment for sometime on issues that users are dealing with. Just because a new driver gets released, in my opinion does not mean it will change anything or add any better features. Moreover, I installed the new driver and should of made a backup of the original driver from when I powered on my Unit to how everything was. However, thinking that the new driver perhaps offered better features, I should of read the release notes, but it is a good thing I plan on doing a full blown Factory Recovery to the image as it was shipped also because I overwrote the boot loader with Grub too & should of installed "grub /boot" on a sep USB Key. No big deal though, as I've been a Linux user for approx 9 years now. Furthermore, I have also checked on people doing BIOS updates and to notice that it has made there systems unstable. Another important thing to add, even though I do not go by this saying is.. " If it ain't broke don't fix it " does have a lot of meaning to it.. Plus ThinkVantage Toolbox imho as well is poorly designed as it detects the wrong security even installed... Not by anyway am I trying to down people working for Lenovo/IBM, and I've been pretty satisfied with the performance and build quality of the T420 4178-6VU I purchased from Newegg in June of 2011 (even though I had to replace the keyboard twice as the spacebar was loud on the first unit, and the second keyboard certain keys were loud and annoying & loud too.. hence forth the Cafe's I'm usually at* ). "Too bad I do not have the resources to design an aftermarket keyboard that would fit the keyboard chassis, have a slim key rugged texture rubberized design with a backlit keyboard even.. *ThinkLight imho is pointless*, More abundantly though, the overall drivers, system update, and other features designed for the Lenovo notebooks needs audited by Programmer Experts, Developers etc. & the entire infrastructure needs a slick overhaul. Forgive my exaggerated response, but hopefully it can reach the actual engineers, product designers, and thinkers that work for Lenovo/IBM.

What's DOS?
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Re: Cannot enable or turn-on webcam on T420

Did anyone resolve this?  I'm having hte same issue.  Enabled in bios.  Tried to install driver.  After clicking yes, nothing seems to happen.  Can't see camera in device manager, etc.

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