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Paper Tape
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Cannot mute microphone with new lenovo T450s



I have a new T450s with Windows 10.   I hit F4 and the amber light goes on showing the microphone is muted.  Problem is that it "looks" muted but it is not.  I have also gone in through the software to mute and it lights up the F4 buttton.. However, it doesn't actually mute the microphone.   So I can never mute the mic..  

Is there a fix for this? I see others have had this problem in the past.

Thank you.

What's DOS?
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Re: Cannot mute microphone with new lenovo T450s

Same problem with an old E330. The problems started when upgrading to Windows 10 + Realtek HD Audio Drivers (or the Lenovo Realtek Audio drivers, just rebranded). Something in that combination breaks the microphone's ability to be muted by software. The button works ok, the On Screen Display shows the icon and it's shown as muted however still works.

Muting it manually from within programs which use the microphone works as well, as does uninstalling the Realtek drivers and going forth with the default Windows 10 drivers (but then there's a loss of functionality with the sound - options).
Paper Tape
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Re: Cannot mute microphone with new lenovo T450s

Go into Devices App, then search for "recording" then click on Find and Fix audio recording problems.

Click on advanced then Next, then Next again and click on "Open Enhancements"

Click on Advanced Tab and see at the bottom whether "Exclusive Mode" is ticked.

When I received my laptop both "Exclusive Mode", and "Give Exclusive mode applications priority" were ticked.

I unticked "Give Exclusive mode applications priority" , clicked "Apply" exited and restarted the system and now Mute Button appears to be working!

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