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What's DOS?
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Cannot restore to factory defaults

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Update: I thought I had a X-series ThinkPad but after running the auto-detect script, it turns out it is a T-series so this is in the wrong forum.


I've been having some issues with my ThinkPad T510 (4349-4JG)

  • Can't shut down Windows (it lasts forever)
  • Need to restart the laptop in order to connect a new USB device (or change a device)
  • Can no longer install any software

I probably got myself a few viruses (my hotmail account was hijacked etc).


So I decided to (finally) format the laptop. The problem I'm encountering is that writing the "lenovo factory recovery" disks is some sort of installation in itself and it stops doing anything once the files have been "unpacked".


I guess I could download Windows7 somewhere and install the OS and drivers manually but it's sort of silly I'd have to fight against MS anti-piracy updates while I have a legit key.


So... What can I do? Smiley Happy


All help is much appreciated!



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Re: Cannot restore to factory defaults

Hello and welcome,


By writing the "lenovo factory recovery" disks do you mean you are trying to burn a set of recovery media?  Or are you using the Rescue and Recovery to restore your drive to factory state using the image in the recovery partition?


If neither of those is workng correctly, you can probably obtain a set of recovery disks from support.  They may charge for them.  Contact support via the appropriate phone number in this list: Worldwide Support Center phone list for ThinkPad, ThinkCentre and ThinkStation systems


You can legally download Windows 7 and activate with your existing key.  Download the version that matches your key (home premium, pro, ...).  You may need to use the phone option to complete the activation.  Legal Resources for Downloading Windows 7


If you take that approach, download and instal ThinkVantage System Update (using the Support, drivers and downloads icon at the top of this page) and let it pull down the rest of the appropriate drivers and apps.



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What's DOS?
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Re: Cannot restore to factory defaults

I tried the "Rescue and Recovery" earlier but that just froze on me aswell.


But thanks zoltan, I'll try your suggestions Smiley Happy

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Re: Cannot restore to factory defaults

I would get the OEM DVD. The time saved and setup of propitory features and modules will having you pulling your hair out. Only the OEM installation DVD's will put it back to out of the box configuration and runing updates and toolbox driver updates should be straight forward. It still takes some to get current. Most of a day but the NON OEM root installation will be long long process. Give yourself a week.
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