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Carger cord receptical broken on my T410; CANT GET BEZEL OFF?

My port for the charging cord is very loose and about to fail.  It is out of warranty so I attempted to repair myself by following the repair manual.


I am at the keyboard bezel removal stage and cannot get it loose to come off, what am I doing wrong. 


There is something holding firm in the area of the right palm area.  About 2-3 inches right of the finger printer scanner.  I have ensured all the screw are out.  I also have the edge clips loose.


Anyone help?


Also, is this a common problem.  The cord has been tripped on and pulled the inner piece loose from its attach point.  Can this be fixed?


Thank you,



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Re: Carger cord receptical broken on my T410; CANT GET BEZEL OFF?

Hi miller56553,

Welcome to Lenovo Forums.

This service video here should be able to assist you to remove the keyboard for the T410.

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Re: Carger cord receptical broken on my T410; CANT GET BEZEL OFF?

Yes that's a sore point for me as well when I remove the bezel on these units.

All I can tell you is to keep prying up and it will snap off. Thankfully these bezels have a bit more give to them than previous units.

Worst case scenario that little clip breaks off. It won't be the end of the world if it does.
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Re: Carger cord receptical broken on my T410; CANT GET BEZEL OFF?

Hi miller56553 and welcome to the forum,


Do you mean the inner part of the charging port on the laptop?


That's not a typical charging  port in that it's not soldered on to the board.  It's a separate piece with a cable on it that can be had fairly cheaply.  Ebay has them for about 10 bucks.


Make sure that there are no screws that might be under a label on the bottom of the machine.  Search the knowledge base and in support for videos as far as disassembly.  


Is it a  common problem?  It is if the cord has been yanked or tripped on like you said.


Take it slow and be patient. Do your research.  Find your videos.  Be careful any static electricity is discharged before touching any system components.  Run your hands under water, that'll discharge any static.  I've seen a static charge render a machine useless.  I'll see if I can find you a video or two.


Here's another video.  Just don't do like he's doing.  Remove the battery.



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