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Changing fingerprint software creates an infinite loop

Brand New T400 running XP SP2.  Everything is working fine until I click the option in the fingerprint software to use the fingerprint software to set my Windows password (I think that was the option)... which prompted for a reboot.  So I rebooted... and now the bios test goes, then the Windows splash screen... then the screen turns blue, the mouse appears, the hard drive spins... and then a Blue Screen crash - the system encounted an unexpected error... yadda yadda yadda... and the system reboots again and repeats the scenario above ad infinitum.


Now my IT service guy can get into safe mode but it won't allow him to change the setting... and I'm totally hosed.


A) What do I do to get out of this Hotel California mode?


B) What's the cause of this problem?


C) Will I ever be able to use the fingerprint software without risking this odd behavior??



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Re: Changing fingerprint software creates an infinite loop

Did you capture the Stop Error code on the blue screen?


Usually changing the FPR software itself doesnt generate the BSOD... What other third party software has been installed on your T400?


 If you can boot your unit in safe mode (tapping the F8 key at boot), use Microsoft's System Restore (Start->Programs->Accessories->System Tools->System Restore)  tool to roll back settings to an earlier calendar date before the BSOD occurred.  This would be the easiest way to fix your problem..


Let me know if you need more help.




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