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Blue Screen Again
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Compatibility of Ideapad "flat key" keyboard with T410.

Has anyone been able to get an answer  from Lenovo re:  is it possible to get the keyboard that is on the new ideapads (it is a flat key keyboard) installed on  the new T410 laptops?   I can install it myself. I just need to know whether they are compatible.  Or has anyone done this successfully?


Also do  the new T410's come with the same keyboards on the T400?  (Two different tech persons gave me conflicting answers on this.)



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Re: Compatibility of Ideapad "flat key" keyboard with T410.

[ Edited ]

No ideapad keyboard can be installed on a thinkpad.


The T410 uses a keyboard similar to the  t400s, not as the t400.

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Re: Compatibility of Ideapad "flat key" keyboard with T410.


The classic Thinkpad Keyboard is the best that has ever been put in a laptop.

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