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Conexant Audio now bad in Windows 10 - June 2016

2016-06-05, 0:07 AM

i love my T520.  i love my X220.  this week Windows 10 no longer functions right on either of them!  The Conexant drivers were uninstalled and Windows generic audiopoint driver put in its place.  Windows 10 updates drivers with no notification.  And the only way I knew this had happened, was all my audio went sour -- tinny high pitches and echoing ...so I check the drivers.  Knew i had installed the Conexant drivers when setting up the systems. 

But instead of Conexant drivers, there is a Microsoft installation, with a warning when you try to get driver details of "no device drivers are necessary for this device." 

I'm operating on the assumption that this HAS to be happening to other users -- have you noticed your sound going bad in Windows 10 recently?  Is on both my Thinkpads that have Conexant sound boards.

MS won't allow the reinstall of the Conexant drivers.  

All audio enhancements are turned off.  In fact, i have to turn the enhancements on again and play with the equalizer to try and get more bass and less screaching.  It still sounds awful.

Conexant boards are also in the newer T series and E series.... so surely this is being noted in others that upgraded to Windows 10? 

The Windows 10 Conexant driver available from Lenovo website no longer works or installs at all.  HELP HELP HELP HELP ....

i have tried everything.  even used linux to go in and remove ms audioendpoint applications.  i can't get the conexant drivers installed again on windows 10.  i did a clean reinstall of entire system.  reinstalled 7 and checked the audio, it was fine with Conexant drivers.  upgraded to 10, installed conexant fine.  then within few days, MS installed their generic audio driver and i was back in the same boat.


terrible, screachy sound, especially with headphones.
same on both laptops. 

i can't find anything in the forums on it....nothing is coming up on my search. 


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Re: Conexant Audio now bad in Windows 10 - June 2016

2017-07-17, 23:01 PM

Yes, I have exactly the same problem with my Lenovo T420 and the Conexant 206672 Smart Audio HD.

It worked with Skype after installing the Conexant Driver for Window 10.

But after the latest update of Skype it doesnot work anymore: very bad sound and echoing.

Maybe also Windows 10 update can be causing this audio problem?


Also with the new Lenovo Settings:  there is an additional problem.

The setings of loudness are automatically resetted to lower sound volume.

So each time after a restart of the T420, I have to change the sound volume of the Microphone in Lenovo Settings.

For the speaker as a feature in Lenovo Settings "Audio"  is nothing available!


So Conexant 2072 Smart Audio HD is the problem and needs to be fixed for new Windows 10 an Skype?



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