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I have two external monitors that I want to use at the same time. I have a Mini Dock (433710U) that has a VGA, DVI and a DisplayPort. I connected 1 monitor to the VGA port and the other one was connected through DVI. When I used the dock, I only get the one attached to the VGA port to display.


I have the optimus model and I have windows 7 and it now works when I closed the laptop and display transferred to the other monitor, but the moment I opened the laptop, only 1 monitor works. I should be fine with only the 2 external monitors working but I had to configure the way the desktop extends. Currently, the desktop extends from the right to the left and I cannot see how I can change this.


Is the direction of the destop extension based on the port used?


You can change the direction of extended screen using display property, all you have to do is the drag the screen to the location that suits you.


(Example show for illustrative purposes only and is not that of a T510)


display config multiple=



  • Right click on an empty area of your desktop
  • Select Properties
  • Select the settings tab
  • Selct the display you wish to change the logical position for, and drag it above, below, or to the left or right of the       other display.  
  • Ensure the box is checked to extend desktop on this display.


Also, if you want to use all three LCD at the same time, one of the VGA screen may need to be run off the laptop itself, rather than through the dock's VGA.

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