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Serial Port
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Correct procedure for changing Windows password

This is similar to the post but I am not seeking a workaround. I am seeking the correct method to avoid the problem.


When I changed my Windows password in Windows and rebooted, the first thing it did was ask for my password after I swiped my finger. It said it needed it changed in the client security system. I entered the new password and it cleared, then logged in. After booting, another window popped up requesting my Windows password for the client security solution. I entered it but it was rejected. I tried again, rejected. I tried again using every other password I use. All rejected. Caps lock and num lock off.


Luckily, I was able to cancel out of it. I changed my password back to the original one then rebooted. The same requests occurred but it accepted the old passwords. I am back in control but with my original password. Whew!


So... What is the correct way to do this? Client security rejects the new password. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?


Thanks for your help!




Windows Vista Ultimate


Serial Port
Posts: 32
Registered: ‎12-30-2008
Location: Arizona, USA
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Re: Correct procedure for changing Windows password

I found a solution in case anyone else comes across this. It may not be the best or only one but it worked...


1) Disable TPM security. Do the reboot, etc.

2) Use the Windows Users control panel to change your password.

3) Enable the TPM. Do the reboot and you will be asked for the new password a couple times.



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