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Customer Service is Horrible--Lenovo you get an F

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I've owned my Thinkpad T410s since November of 2010. I bought it because It is marketed as the gold standard business class computer, tested to military ruggedness, and it has a touch screen--how cool.


So I ponyed up the 2700 bucks and bought one.

Win 7 64 bit

I5 Vpro


128 SSD

Touch Screen LCD

Switchable graphics card

FInger print reader

Top of the Line Wireless N( I think there were 3 options)



Since i've owned my T410s, i've had nothing but issues with it:


-Cracked Palm Rests

-High Pitched Noise

-Pixels Dieing on the screen

-Wireless card turning on and off

-Screen changing contrast (all by itself)

-SSD deleting Data



The last time i sent in my computer it was for the last 4 items on the list, but 90% of the reason was for the Data retention issue.

After many hours of speaking with technitions and multiple phone calls, I find out that my  drive tested fine. 


After 45 days of being in their service center, after 45 days, i get it back and the computer is a brick! It starts up, deletes my data again and won't turn on anymore.


It leaves me wondering how a hard drive that deletes data tests fine. 


I got my computer back in May and escalated my case to Carrie *****, where I was promised I would get a phone call from someone at Lenovo that could give me my money back.  This case sat on her desk for 2 months before I ever got a call from Kelly *****.  2 months, of me calling Mrs. ***** and being promised that within 24 hours I'd be getting my next phone call.


Ms. ***** offered me a replacement computer--but replacements don't have touch screens--one of the primary reasons I bought my PC. I told her to send me the specifications of the replacement computer and give me a week to think about it. I've left 2 messages on her direct line and 2 weeks later, I have had no calls back--none. 


I'm so fed up with this company and here is why.


I'm into this system for 4700 dollars. 2700 for the purchase price, 2000 for data recovery on my SSD.

I've had this computer for 20 months, its been out of service 5 months of its life. 25% of the time I've owned this computer it has been in a service center, or at my home as a brick.

I've spent over 100 hours of my time on the phone with Lenovo's customer service for the various issues after i've worked an 10 hour day.

Lenovo's service center is absoutely horrendus. I've been given ultimadems, i've been given Service Directors (bob *****) names to call--but they are unreachable. They make promises that they never deliver on and don't call you back.




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Re: Customer Service is Horrible--Lenovo you get an F

Well this is a perfect case to illustrate the fact that everyone is responsible for their own backups, especially with SSD...

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Re: Customer Service is Horrible--Lenovo you get an F

Hi aghayek, for what it's worth, I've had several bad experiences with Lenovo phone support as well. Nothing as bad as your story but I have to say my experience is that they are at best unhelpful and arrogant.

As is typical, the sales department is great, incredibly helpful but the support is crap. Why can't big companies like this realize people like us do not just buy one laptop in out lifetimes? Support is sales...

We not only buy multiple products we influence quite a lot of other people.

I wish there was a way to escalate these issues, a formal escalation procedure.
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Re: Customer Service is Horrible--Lenovo you get an F

"I'm into this system for 4700 dollars. 2700 for the purchase price, 2000 for data recovery on my SSD."

QUOTE   aghayek.


Aren't you glad that you paid List Price, ($2,700.00) rather than I having done some Due Diligence


paying $1626.80? (Accessories & taxes don't count, and as noted above neither does Data Recovery.)

I love my LENOVO.
T 410s, WIN 7, 128 SSD, 64 Ult.

I do not work for LENOVO.
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Re: Customer Service is Horrible--Lenovo you get an F

Anyone who pays anywhere near that kind of money for a notebook has something missfiring for sure. Even a millionaire wouldn't (they're so so tight with money as it is). That 3x the price of most notebooks.

Anyway data recovery is not an exact science and in Flash memory ist extremely likely to be of any use or intact. With SSD drives a backup is paramount because when the fail or something glitches the wrong way. Poof its gone and nothing its getting the files back. So thats $2G saved. Just put an magnetic drive in it and onward and setup again.

If you don't have a backup of the drive or files. Well, I'll leave that alone...
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Re: Customer Service is Horrible--Lenovo you get an F

I've been waiting for 40 minutes so far and nothing, I need to study for an test tomorrow and I have a bunch to read. This service is horrible so far

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