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DVI Dual Monitor Issue on ThinkPad T430 - Idle Timer won't Keep 1 Display Off

I recently added two new HP Pavilion 27xi monitors to my ThinkPad T430 with my Thinkpad Mini Dock Plus Series 3 with USAB 3.0 90W docking station.  Both monitors are connected with DVI cables.  The T430 is running Windows 7 64-bit as sold and has all the latest windows and Lenovo updates including the latest BIOS version on 03/22/2014.


The problem I have been having for over 3 weeks is that one of the two displays won’t stay asleep.  I am using the ThinkVantage Technologies Power Manager (Latest 6.64.4 version) to set the Idle Timer for the “Turn off display” setting to 20 minutes.  When the idle timer is reached, both monitors successfully go to sleep.  The primary monitor however, will wake itself up after 10 seconds and flash its build-it pop-up message "Monitor Going to Sleep".  It will sleep for 5 to 10 seconds and repeat.  It never stays asleep unless the T430 is fully powered OFF.  This not an issue where the T430 fails to enter “Sleep” mode (as this work fine).  It is the Power Manager setting for turn off the DISPLAYS when the idle timer is reached.


I have opened support tickets with both HP and Microsoft and done some extensive troubleshooting.  Below are links to the two threads in case you want to see more details to date…





Here is a quick recap of the items completed over the past 3 week to attempt at keeping the 2nd Monitor off when the idle time turns off the displays…

  1. Updated latest Windows drivers (current as of today)

  2. Updated latest Lenovo drivers (current as of today)

  3. Updated latest Lenovo BIOS (v2.64.1.13 on 03/22/2014)

  4. Ran the Lenovo Solution Center Hardware Tests – No issues found

  5. Applied and Re-Applied the HP Monitor drivers and config (latest v2.0.0.0 Rev A dated 2/4/2013)

  6. Swapped Monitors (Left vs Right) – The problem followed to the monitor connected on that docking station port

  7. Replaced the DVI cable – No Affect

  8. Disabled Mouse/Keyboard/Network Drivers/Printers that can wake the system – No Affect

  9. Confirmed that I have no screen savers running

  10. Sent HP some system logs for their review

  11. Both HP and Microsoft suggested that I do a CLEAN BOOT.  Per Microsoft, I left only the Microsoft services running and disabled all non-Microsoft services).  The Monitor still would not stay asleep in clean boot mode – Thus suggests that it is not a software issue


It looks to me that either Lenovo has a bug in the BIOS, NVIDIA NVS 5400M has bug or HP has latent bug in their 14-month old driver.  Do you have any suggestions.  Please read and digest what has already been tried before replying.  I am happy to send any system logs or tweak things in the BIOS based on your direction.


Here is a link to the HP Product Home for my specific Monitor:

Paper Tape
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Re: DVI Dual Monitor Issue on ThinkPad T430 - Idle Timer won't Keep 1 Display Off

I had this problem.


Disabling the monitor "dim" timeout in the Lenovo power management program fixed the behaviour.


Good luck getting decent support from either Microsoft, HP or Lenovo. It's a finger-pointing three-way.



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