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Dead SSD in a Thinkpad T400

I have a Thinkpad T400 with a 128GB Samsung SSD and a 320GB Toshiba HDD in the Ultrabay. I use the SSD for the operating system and use the Ultrabay HDD for data storage.


I was going to put the slim DVD in the laptop so I took the Ultrabay HDD adapter out of the laptop. Then instantly I got a bluescreen. I tried restarting the laptop and it just says "disk error" and doesn't boot up the operating system (which is Windows 7 Pro 64bit).


I took the SSD out the laptop and tried connecting it to my desktop to get my files of it. It doesn't seem to show up so I'm really scared that it's completely fried. Could ejecting the Ultrabay adapter cause this? Perhaps I should have right clicked on the HDD drive in My Computer and select Eject before I took it out of the laptop, but I've done it before without any difficulties.


I bought the laptop in september 2009 so it's not under warranty.

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Re: Dead SSD in a Thinkpad T400

Did you in the past transfer the pagefile to the HDD or moved certain critical files from the SSD to the HDD.


What you should try is put the SSD back into, put the ultrabay with HDD back in and reboot. Worst come to worst you can use the thinkvantage to backup your SSD to the HDD and then restore the SSD to factory


I don't think pulling the ultrabay cause the issue.

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