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Blue Screen Again
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Defective Outlet Jack On T400 Series

To Whom It May Concern,


A few months ago I purchased a new ThinkPad Lenovo laptop from you. My decision to purchase your product for my business was based on my previous experience with you X series tablets and T series laptops; quality of these products surpassed any other laptop that I had used in my consulting career.


Upon receiving the laptop I noticed that the socket where the power outlet connects to was fairly loose. This was quite a surprise to me because the older products that I have mentioned above seemed much sturdier than this product. The matter worsened when after a few weeks the outlet became even looser to the point where the laptop would fail to charge at certain points. At that point I visited your Web site, found a service partner (CompuWare Inc, Vienna, VA). They mentioned that such defects would be covered under my hardware warranty. However, the following day they mentioned that the the socket that accepts the power outlet on my laptop is cracked and that such damage is not covered my regular warranty.


In addition, CompuWare mentioned that I would be charged for labor for putting the laptop back together, hardware diagnostic fees, and the cost of replacing the defective hardware. I quickly voiced my concerns that I had purchases this product because of the track record that I had experience with your previous laptop and proceeded to quickly escalate the matter to the owner of the business. Long story short, they did not charge me any of the fees mentioned and quickly shipped the laptop to you for service. We did this because your service support person in Atlanta, GA mentioned that this sort of hardware defect would be covered under the standard warranty.


However, your support personnel called me today and mentioned that this is not the case. I have data on this laptop that I need for my business, the laptop is in your hands and you are not fixing this under warranty. The technician that I spoke with today mentioned that there is a long escalation process in order to resolve this issue. I'm very disappointed in your products. If this issue is not resolved in the next few days I will ask that you return my newly purchased defective laptop to me and I will make a point not to purchase any more hardware from you and will specifically point out my defective laptop to my clients. I need this issue resolved immediately, this is adversely impacting my business.

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Re: Defective Outlet Jack On T400 Series


Sorry to hear that you faced such issues with the service. Do drop me a private message and I will get a case going with customer relations team.

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Blue Screen Again
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Re: Defective Outlet Jack On T400 Series

I don't know how to send a private message to your through this Web site.  I've responded to the email that was generated as a result of your post.  I need this issue resolved immediately.


Thank you,



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Re: Defective Outlet Jack On T400 Series

Hi kmoussavi,


A couple of things: first, this is a peer-to-peer forum.  Your initial post seemed to be addressed to Lenovo, but we are all (mostly) just other users here trying to help each other out.


That said, sometimes we are fortunate enough to have a Lenovo employee stop by and offer help.  You should take




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Re: Defective Outlet Jack On T400 Series

Telling you the damaged connector was not covered by warranty was wrong. You received damaged merchandise, and you should have returned it immediately to who you bought it from. This is one reason I only buy Thinkpads directly from Lenovo. They stand behind their products in my experience.

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